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If you take “new year, new me” to heart, then you should consider starting 2022 off fresh with a brand-new hairstyle. There are plenty of great new styles to choose from that are worn by a wide range of celebrities. Keep reading to learn a few 2022 haircut trends for men and women. Hair trends for women Hairstyle trends come and go each year. Here are the top ones to expect in 2022: Broom: The broom haircut is a take of the classic bob hairstyle. It’s a one-length bob that rests about an inch below the chin. Unlike a traditional... View Article

As states start to reopen during the coronavirus pandemic, many of us have been dreaming about the chance to update our looks. Now that the moment is here (or about to be), it’s time to take stock of what’s trending for summer hair in Palatine, IL. If you’re not ready to step into a salon and get your hair cut and colored, don’t worry. We’ve assembled a list of our favorite heat-proof hairstyles, too. Summer 2020 haircuts and color Golden highlights: As always, golden highlights are the color for summer. Fake that sun-kissed look by going for golden streaks. They... View Article

Forget the old saying, “Blondes have more fun.” In the first year of this new decade, those with brown hair colors are going to really understand why it’s called the Roaring Twenties. For people wanting a brand-new style to take them into 2020, consider these brunette hair trends in Palatine, IL. Fun brunette shades to try in the new year Too many people consider brown hair shades to be dull or lackluster. To those individuals, you’ve been going to the wrong salon! You’d be surprised how many variations there are on brunette hair trends in Palatine, IL: Wood-inspired browns: All-natural... View Article

When the weather changes, our clients start going dark—in terms of their hair color, that is. There’s something about the fall and winter that makes many of us turn to a more dramatic look. Deep reds and plums are topping the 2019 fall hair trends in Palatine, IL, and we think they’re colors that can carry you straight through spring. When deciding which new shade(s) might be right for you, it’s important to take into account your skin color and tone. There’s a red and plum for every person, but what looks good on your best friend might not be... View Article