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We know not all hair types are the same, but all hair needs similar treatment. Whether your hair is thick and full or on the thinner side, this post will cover a few hair care tips that apply to all hair types: Use lukewarm water: We all love a nice, hot shower, but all of that hot water strips essential oils from our hair and leaves it looking dry and dull and even makes it frizzy throughout the day. Lukewarm water gets you just as clean without all of the negative side effects. Shampoo your scalp: Less is more when... View Article

Dry winter air can wreak havoc on your hair. From dull locks to split ends and static electricity, there’s plenty to guard against while you’re sitting in front of the fire or lobbing snowballs at your family. Healthy winter hair is easy when you follow our tips—especially if you start the winter treatments before the cold truly sets in. Here are our best tips for healthy hair all winter long: Skip the bleach: You might already know that darker dyes are better for your hair. During the winter, choose a darker shade for your hair and skip the bleaching until... View Article

Now that it’s autumn, it’s time to turn your attention to fall hair preparation. There are dozens of ways to prepare your hair for fall and winter—in fact, some of them might even feel like the most luxurious of self-care rituals. Here are five of our favorite ways to whip your hair into shape for the harsh winter season ahead: Deep condition: Winter weather is cold and dry—that can have a major impact on your skin (as well as on your hair and nails). If you have thick, curly hair, your natural scalp oils have an even harder time traveling... View Article