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If you’ve never worn hair extensions before, you might be skeptical about how they will look. Maybe you’ve even seen someone wearing them and it was painfully obvious that they had hair extensions. But you should know, with some guidance and assistance from a professional hair salon, you could have hair extensions that look and feel great. The key is choosing the right hair extensions for your hair’s color, length and texture. If chosen and implemented correctly, you could be blending your very own beautiful hair extensions in short order. Here are some tips on how to find the right... View Article

Salon professionals offer a variety of hair extension methods. Which one is right for you? Use the following quick guide to types of hair extensions in Palatine, IL to learn about the options available and decide which would be best to suit your needs and style. Strand by strand extensions This method of hair extension uses 20 to 40 strands of hair that are bonded together at one end with polyurethane or a glue bond. The stylist attaches the extensions to small sections of your hair using either a heat gun or copper cylinders and pliers. You may also hear... View Article

You can spend years growing your hair out and never achieve the full, luscious locks you see celebrities sporting on Instagram and in magazines. Even with regular visits to your hair stylist, the best hair care products and limited use of harmful treatments and heated styling tools, your natural hair may never get as long or as full as you hope. If that’s the case for you, you might look into the different types of hair extensions available at our salon in Palatine, IL. Different hair extension types While we’ve all seen the clip-in hair extensions in Palatine, IL grocery... View Article

The benefits of wearing hair extensions and clip-ins in Palatine, IL range from having an easy way to change your look to boosting your confidence. When you want long, full hair (and are not genetically blessed in that department), extensions are the fastest, easiest way to achieve the look you want. If you’re considering hair extensions, here’s what you need to know before you make the leap: Add length and volume instantly: Obviously, the best part about hair extensions is that they give you hair to rival any model or celebrity. If you want long, thick, flowing hair but don’t... View Article

When people want to experiment with new hairstyles, they always think the only options for change are cutting and coloring, which is a bit limiting. Actually, hair extensions open up what you can try with your tresses. Many of our clients are often misled by common hair extension myths in Palatine, IL, and are surprised to learn they are incorrect when they speak with us about the process. Read on while we debunk some of these myths! Hair extensions will damage your existing hair This is one of the hair extension myths in Palatine, IL we hear the most often... View Article