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How much time do you spend putting on makeup each day? Wouldn’t you rather roll out of bed looking the way you want? It’s not something relegated to Disney princesses and the super wealthy—with permanent makeup from our hair salon, you can save time on your beauty routine for at least a decade, if not longer. There are plenty of benefits to permanent makeup in Palatine, IL—here are some of the top reasons we recommend it: Save time on makeup application: If you weren’t blessed with the ability to apply makeup flawlessly the first time, every time, permanent makeup can... View Article

Everyone wants to look their best when they walk out the door every morning. For many people, looking their best means putting on makeup to enhance their natural features and make them feel more confident when they’re at work, spending time with friends or going out with a significant other. Regardless of what your specific preferences may be when it comes to your makeup look, you might be considering investing in permanent makeup in Palatine, IL. Here are a few of the things that you should know about permanent makeup before choosing this service. What is permanent makeup? Permanent makeup... View Article

Professional salons and spas offer a variety of services to their clients. Some come in wanting a new hair cut or hair color, while others schedule appointments to learn more about lesser known services, like permanent makeup in Palatine, IL. You might be wondering why someone would even consider permanent makeup. For some, it’s actually the best solution for their lifestyle. Take microblading, for instance—this is a service we offer here at Claude Thomas Salon & Spa, and it’s become increasingly popular. Permanent makeup Some women and men apply makeup to their face and body everyday. Whether you prefer powder,... View Article