Forget the old saying, “Blondes have more fun.” In the first year of this new decade, those with brown hair colors are going to really understand why it’s called the Roaring Twenties. For people wanting a brand-new style to take them into 2020, consider these brunette hair trends in Palatine, IL.

Fun brunette shades to try in the new year

Too many people consider brown hair shades to be dull or lackluster. To those individuals, you’ve been going to the wrong salon! You’d be surprised how many variations there are on brunette hair trends in Palatine, IL:

  • Wood-inspired browns: All-natural is trending highly in hair colors and beyond. Embrace your inner Mother Nature with your hair by taking color inspiration from wood. Chestnut, hickory and mahogany are just a few color options that you can try.
  • Chocolate browns: From dark chocolate to milk chocolate brown with caramel swirls (highlights), your favorite treat can also be your favorite hair color. Chocolate brown colors are great because they work well either cooled down or warmed up, so the hue can really complement your skin tone.
  • Ash brown: Combining gray tones with light brown, this subtle and sophisticated look is absolutely stunning.
  • Cinnamon brown: Maybe you’re not a fan of chocolate. Instead, you want to combine auburn and golden browns to give your hair a cinnamon color that you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Dark brown/black: Teetering on the edge between brown and black, this striking color looks especially fashionable with a sleek straight cut and bangs.
  • Cold-brew brown: We love cold brew so much that we found a way to have our hair mimic this rich coffee shade. This look is created when light undertones are added to the mid and lower sections of the hair.
  • Bronde (blonde and brown): Offering that sun-kissed aesthetic without requiring you to set foot outside, the bronde color has been popular for several seasons now, and doesn’t show any sign of becoming unfashionable. This combination shade is particularly gorgeous on wavy hair.

Achieving these brunette trends

A box of hair dye from your local drug store or some coloring product you buy online is not going to give you the multifaceted brunette hair you want to achieve. The colors listed above are complex looks that require a number of different coloring techniques such as highlighting, lowlighting and balayage. Depending on the hue you want, along with your current cut and color, natural coloring and other factors, any number of methods might be used by your hairstylist. Your stylist might think a new all-over color with some babylights would work best, or a nice ombre coloring would be better for your hair’s natural texture.

If you are looking for hairstylists who are familiar with the latest brunette hair trends in Palatine, IL, make an appointment at Claude Thomas Salon & Spa. Our teams of stylists are highly trained and familiar with all of the trends, ensuring you leave the salon looking better than ever before. Try out a new ‘do in 2020. Make your appointment now!

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