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Hair trends always come and disappear, but highlights stay forever. Highlights partially color certain hair strands to give a lighter overall appearance and are the most common hair coloring techniques. These hair highlight options don’t necessarily work for one style. You can select from techniques like lowlights, babylights, or even highlights to get a unique effect just like you are. Before getting any type of coloring, understand what to know about highlights. Discover different types of highlights and study the type that fits your hair well with the intended style. What Type of Highlights Should I Get? This is when you only need to... View Article

Creating highlights in your hair is a great way to lighten up for spring and fall, add rich caramel tones for fall or even blend your grays in with your natural color. Many salon colorists rely on foil highlighting, which is the most widely-used method of blonding. However, foil highlighting doesn’t just involve slapping some bleach onto your hair and wrapping it in kitchen foil—otherwise, why pay an expert when you could achieve the same results at home? (Spoiler: you can’t.) Professional colorists train extensively so that they can make your hair look as flawless as possible. Whether you’re looking... View Article