When the weather changes, our clients start going dark—in terms of their hair color, that is. There’s something about the fall and winter that makes many of us turn to a more dramatic look. Deep reds and plums are topping the 2019 fall hair trends in Palatine, IL, and we think they’re colors that can carry you straight through spring.

When deciding which new shade(s) might be right for you, it’s important to take into account your skin color and tone. There’s a red and plum for every person, but what looks good on your best friend might not be the right pick for you. A good rule of thumb is that if your skin is on the warmer or yellower side, you should opt for a warm red or plum. With dark skin, you can opt for bolder and brighter shades, while very pale, olive or tan skin looks especially striking with near-black hues.

Striking red hues

Red hair dyes can range from the natural Anne Shirley carrot hue to bright Ariel the Little Mermaid tones—but for this fall and winter, rich, dark burgundy and crimson shades are all the rage. For warmer skin, consider copper highlights in brown hair, or bold auburn and cherry ombre. Those on the cool side of the spectrum look fantastic in true cherry reds, which run from Ariel-bright to almost black.

Popular plum shades

Plum dye can look plain purple, or you can mix violet and crimson tones to make a fashionable almost-looks-natural shade. Deep red-violet hues are particularly suited toward fall fashion—it looks great with the rich colors and metallic details of military-style clothing, not to mention the uber-fashionable dark matte lipstick that’s been sweeping the runways for a while now.

Ombre and balayage combinations

Of course, if you can’t pick just one shade, that’s okay, too! Using highlights, ombre and balayage, your colorist can open up a whole new world of options. We’re particularly loving ombres that fade from mahogany to deep red or plum for fall and winter 2019. We’ve also seen beautiful effects with several different shades of red or plum.

If your fashion sense tends to be on the goth side, using ombre or balayage to add more red and purple tones can help soften (or amplify, depending on the shade) the drama of your look. The possibilities are endless!

Not sure which hair colors would be right for you? Don’t hesitate to ask our talented team for assistance.

Get the latest fall hair trends in Palatine, IL

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