As states start to reopen during the coronavirus pandemic, many of us have been dreaming about the chance to update our looks. Now that the moment is here (or about to be), it’s time to take stock of what’s trending for summer hair in Palatine, IL.

If you’re not ready to step into a salon and get your hair cut and colored, don’t worry. We’ve assembled a list of our favorite heat-proof hairstyles, too.

Summer 2020 haircuts and color

  • Golden highlights: As always, golden highlights are the color for summer. Fake that sun-kissed look by going for golden streaks. They can be adapted to work with your all-over color, and balayage is a great way to make sure it grows out seamlessly (just in case salons have to close again).
  • Super short bobs: Is your hair weighing you down? Super short bobs—think ear-length—are the latest hair trend to hit social media in Palatine, IL, if not the runway. It’s a modern throwback to the roaring 1920s and will help you beat the heat all summer long.
  • The shag cut: Shag cuts are defined by their blunt and bulky layers, and can be adjusted for just about any hair length you want. Our tip? Avoid bangs right now—they’re harder to take care of in the summer humidity.
  • Pixie cuts: If a super-short bob isn’t for you, the pixie is a timeless favorite, too. For a softer look, opt for longer layers in front.

Summer 2020 trending hairstyles

  • The wet look: If you wish you were a mermaid, well, we can’t help with the fins—but you can look like you just stepped out of the pool. Use a glossy serum and run it through your hair for a “wet” look. This looks especially great with loose waves or curls.
  • Long braided ponytails: Whether your long hair is in dozens of smaller braids or you opt for one big braid, a high-braided pony is an elegant look. Hide the elastic band with a braided strand, or get a decorative holder to go glam. (Note: If your hair is particularly long and heavy, this one might be headache-inducing.)
  • Tousled waves: Summer is not the time to try an ultra-sleek ‘do, thanks to the heat, humidity and capacity for sweating. Instead, messy tousled waves are the way to go—try a salt spray for that beachy look.
  • Messy updos: Finally, the messy updo is a perennial favorite—not only is it easy, but it’s versatile. Add decorative clips or bun holders to dress it up, or let it look ultra-casual with your shorts and tank tops. Plus, it keeps your hair off your neck and out of your face during the sweatiest time of year.

When you’re ready to try out summer 2020 trends and hairstyles in Palatine, IL, be sure to visit Claude Thomas Salon & Spa. We’re a full-service salon that can help you with your cut, color and more—get in touch with us today to book your appointment.

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