Hair Extensions in Kildeer, IL

Hair ExtensionsMany woman dream of long, thick healthy hair. Only a few woman have been able to have this hair as it takes hair that can cope with the strain it is exposed to during the years it takes become long. The average growth of the hair is 1/4 to ½ inch per month. This means within one year the most the hair can grow is 6 inches. This means it would take years to achieve really long hair. And most woman their hair is too fine and/or too thin to ever achieve this goal. Until NOW

With our hair extensions, you can have long shiny healthy hair in just a matter of hours. With most hair extensions, one of the requirements is that the hair should be at least 3 inches long. There are other methods that are designed for hair that does not fall into this category which are integration systems, crown hair extensions, and invisible extensions.

All hair extensions require a consultation before the service can be booked. The consultation is required to determine the type of hair extensions that is best for your own hair, your desired look and style, and what would best fit your lifestyle. It is also necessary to determine the exact amount of hair needed to create your new look and to color match your hair and the extension hair. All consultations are complimentary.

Hair ExtensionsHair ExtensionsAll hair extensions are not equal and more importantly,
All hair extensions are not equal.

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Types of Hair Extensions

Strand by Strand

This is thin small clusters of hair extension hair that is attached by either a keratin polymers or locks. These small clusters of hair extensions are attached to small sections of your hair. The duration of the strand by strand is determined by the manufacturer and the method of attachment. This type of extension and method of attachment they can stay attached from a 2 to a 6-month frame.

Hair Wefts

This type of hair extension is in a long strip and are bound together by a band of threads. They come to either hand tied or machine tied. The method of attachment is by either adhesives, a braiding technique, corn rolls, cord tracking, and the locking technique. The duration of attachment of this type of hair extensions is determined by the method of attachment. The duration can be a 1 week to 2 plus month frame.

Braided hair extensions

This is done either with weft human hair, bulk human hair or synthetic hair. This is attached by several braiding techniques: such as tree braiding, corn rolling, strand braiding, etc, The duration of attachment will vary from 2 weeks to 2 months dependant on the braiding technique.

Seamless Hair Extensions

This is an extension where hair is attached to 1/8 inch strips of thin polymer like a synthetic looking man-made skin. Ones own hair is sandwiched in between these small strips with a specially designed adhesive for this system. The duration of attachment is 2 to 2 ½ months.

Invisible hair extensions

This type of hair extension is intended for individuals that traditional hair extensions will not work for them. This is for persons with too thin of hair, hair that is too sparse, hair that has thinning areas, bald spots and hair that has breakage leaving very short hair patches.

Other Methods:

  • Crown hair extensions
  • 3/4 head coverage
  • Customized hair extensions
  • Non-surgical grafting techniques
  • And more

Hair Loss Solutions

Hair ExtensionsMillions of woman have hair loss. It is quite common. For those who have temporary hair loss, permanent hair loss, hair loss in just some areas, Alopecia, Trichotillomania or medical-related hair loss. We have solutions for those situations with hair grafting, integrations and custom crown hair extensions and custom wigs.

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