Hair trends always come and disappear, but highlights stay forever. Highlights partially color certain hair strands to give a lighter overall appearance and are the most common hair coloring techniques. These hair highlight options don’t necessarily work for one style. You can select from techniques like lowlights, babylights, or even highlights to get a unique effect just like you are. Before getting any type of coloring, understand what to know about highlights. Discover different types of highlights and study the type that fits your hair well with the intended style.

What Type of Highlights Should I Get?

This is when you only need to make your hair lighter by using a light hair color or hair lightener. A "highlight" is just a name used for lightening certain sectors of hair. You can ask a colorist what color technique you need or choose one by yourself.

Highlights are just hand-painted, made by only weaving a small part of the hair and then adding some color. These sections can be separated by the use of a hand or wrapped in foil. To have a natural-looking effect, you need to paint only the mid-section through to the ends.

If you prefer an all-over hair color that doesn’t need the drama of just a single process hair color or maintenance, you definitely need highlights. The thinner the highlight weave, the more it will create the specific all-over color.


This is when you need to add depth to your hair color by using a darker hair color shade. If you want to have darker hair, you need to do lowlights. The purpose of highlights is to make your hair have a lighter appearance, while lowlights darken it by adding texture and depth to the shade of your hair.

Hair Highlight Tips

Study the tips to achieve the best results when doing your hair highlights. Aim for at least two shades that are actually lighter compared to your base hair color.

One or even two different shades can be good. You need to ensure you don’t add an extra one to prevent your hair from looking like a rainbow. If your hair has a warm hair color, you need to maintain warm highlights, while if it’s cold, stick to cool highlights. Darker hair suits thicker highlights better, while lighter ones work well with thinner hair.


After knowing what types of highlights I should get and what to know about highlights, it can be easy to select the suitable color for your hair on your own. Ensure you know the type of your hair and your skin well to know which hair highlights go well with it.

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