Your hair can become severely damaged from overprocessing, coloring, or bleaching. Sometimes, climate changes, hormonal imbalances, and nutritional deficiencies can damage it. The fantastic news is that there are simple ways to recover if you have damaged hair. These are six tips for repairing brittle, split, or otherwise damaged hair:

1. Stop Using Harsh Ingredients

If you want to know how to repair damaged hair fast, the first step is to stop using harmful ingredients. Take a little break from bleaching and dying your hair. Stop using relaxers, perms, and shampoos that strip your hair’s vital nutrients. You must take this action immediately to avoid damaging your hair. 

2. Get a Trim ASAP

A trim is the best remedy for split ends and the frizziness that comes along with it. It will eliminate the dead ends so that your healthy hair can grow back. You can consider getting a full cut and changing your style if the damage is extensive. Otherwise, it’s acceptable to have someone snip your dead ends. 

3. Use a Deep Conditioner or Treatment

Once you’ve stopped using harsh products and trimmed your split ends, you can start giving your hair the TLC it needs. Consider buying a deep-conditioning treatment or a product labeled as a recovery agent. If your budget is a problem, you can always create a homemade remedy for damaged hair. Several products are good for that purpose. Coconut oil, avocado, shea butter, and egg whites are a few items you can add to the mix. 

4. Buy Reparation Products

Conditioning or deep-treating your hair is an excellent start. However, you’ll also need to put nutritional elements in it when you’re not washing or conditioning it. You can purchase a leave-in conditioner that will work to add moisture and nutrients to your hair all day. Alternatively, you can apply vitamin E and black castor oil to help it flourish. 

5. Wrap Your Hair at Night

Leaving your hair unwrapped while you’re sleeping can cause severe issues if it’s damaged. A good practice is to wrap it up in a scarf, do-rag, or bandana before lying down to prevent rubbing. Engage in that practice while your hair is weak and susceptible to breaking. Additionally, for the best results, you should apply the healing elements to your hair at least twice daily, once in the morning and once again before you go to bed.  

6. Keep Yourself Healthy and Hydrated

Finally, you’ll need to take some additional steps to keep your hair healthy from the inside. One easy action is to ensure you get the recommended daily water intake. Drink at least eight glasses, and don’t skip cups throughout the day. Take vitamins and minerals like vitamins E, C, D, zinc, biotin, and related items. 

Now you know how to help damaged hair grow and heal. You can start your recovery plan as early as today if you’re experiencing issues. Give your hair time to recover, and you’ll have beautiful locks again one day. 

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