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Now that 2021 is here, you’ve probably given some thought to New Year’s resolutions—but did you make any for your hair? Once the holiday parties (or Zoom calls) are over, it’s worth taking some time to think about your hair care routine. Make this year the best hair year ever by trying these healthy hair tips in Palatine, IL: Commit to air drying: If you’re addicted to the blow dryer, we don’t blame you—it’s often the fastest and easiest way to dry your hair before work or a big date. Unfortunately, all that hot air can damage your hair’s cuticles.... View Article

This New Year’s Eve, most of us will be staying home on the couch to ring in 2021—but that doesn’t mean you have to stay in your pajamas, unless you want to. The holiday weekend is the perfect time to try out new looks and share the winners on Instagram. Staying home is no reason to skip the sparkle. Here are some great New Year’s Eve hairstyle ideas in Palatine, IL: Get out the bling: New Year’s Eve is a great time to break out the sparkly hair accessories. Rhinestone barrettes are great for pinning back your hair (ideal if... View Article

Microblading is one of the most popular eyebrow trends in the fashion world—and among the most expensive. Customers can expect to pay top dollar for microblading services, especially if they seek out the best professionals in Palatine, IL. That said, if you’re intimidated by microblading costs, both professionals and customers agree it’s worth every single penny! Microblading is a delicate process For those who aren’t familiar, microblading is an eyebrow sculpting treatment that involves applying pigment to the surface of your skin. Professionals create natural-looking hair strokes with a blade consisting of a dozen tiny needles. Every single microblading session... View Article

Eyelash extensions can be an important part of any beauty regimen, whether you’re getting ready for a special occasion or simply want to look your best. Before visiting a salon in Palatine, IL, you’ll need to understand the difference between eyelash extension fills and a full set of eyelash extensions. This article discusses everything you need to know, along with some tips for choosing the right service for you. Refills are best in moderation Unlike full sets, refills involve applying only a few lashes to cover the gaps left over from extensions that are weakened or broken. Lash extensions won’t... View Article

You can spend years growing your hair out and never achieve the full, luscious locks you see celebrities sporting on Instagram and in magazines. Even with regular visits to your hair stylist, the best hair care products and limited use of harmful treatments and heated styling tools, your natural hair may never get as long or as full as you hope. If that’s the case for you, you might look into the different types of hair extensions available at our salon in Palatine, IL. Different hair extension types While we’ve all seen the clip-in hair extensions in Palatine, IL grocery... View Article