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Now that we can get back to updating our hair color and style, our clients have been inquiring about balayage. This way of adding highlights is a natural and pretty way to get a sun-kissed look while letting your roots grow out naturally. Is balayage hair coloring in Palatine, IL right for you? What is balayage? Balayage is a highlight technique where the stylist “paints” strands of hair with bleach to achieve highlights. The highlights are bolder at the bottom and gradually become more subtle as they go up, like the natural way your hair lightens in the sun over... View Article

As states start to reopen during the coronavirus pandemic, many of us have been dreaming about the chance to update our looks. Now that the moment is here (or about to be), it’s time to take stock of what’s trending for summer hair in Palatine, IL. If you’re not ready to step into a salon and get your hair cut and colored, don’t worry. We’ve assembled a list of our favorite heat-proof hairstyles, too. Summer 2020 haircuts and color Golden highlights: As always, golden highlights are the color for summer. Fake that sun-kissed look by going for golden streaks. They... View Article

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone has spent weeks stuck at home, unable to go about their regular lives. This means not getting into your favorite salon for haircuts, manicures and other beauty services. With all of the stress of staying home while the world faces these uncertain circumstances, take some time to treat yourself to an at-home facial in Palatine, IL. Giving yourself a facial at home As much as we would all love for the world to get back to normal sooner rather than later, we have to be patient as the country attempts to flatten the curve.... View Article

At the moment, the United States is dealing with a set of circumstances previously unseen in our nation’s history. Millions of United States residents are forced to shelter in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Of course, just because we’re under a lockdown order doesn’t mean we have to let our personal look go south. In fact, several weeks in a row of self-imposed quarantine could be the perfect time to try out some DIY hairstyles in Palatine, IL. Here are some of the best. Fun with buns Now that you can take your time to get your hair ready... View Article

Deciding what to do for your next haircut is almost as exciting as getting the new look itself. If you’re bored with your current look, you might be considering getting bangs at your next haircut appointment in Palatine, IL. We’ve all heard horror stories about regretting bangs as soon as the scissors go snip—but if you consider your options and choose a hairstyle with bangs that flatters your face, you’ll be confident in your choice. Here’s what to consider before making the cut: Think about the commitment: Once you get bangs in Palatine, IL, you’ll have them for quite a... View Article