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Your hair can become severely damaged from overprocessing, coloring, or bleaching. Sometimes, climate changes, hormonal imbalances, and nutritional deficiencies can damage it. The fantastic news is that there are simple ways to recover if you have damaged hair. These are six tips for repairing brittle, split, or otherwise damaged hair: 1. Stop Using Harsh Ingredients If you want to know how to repair damaged hair fast, the first step is to stop using harmful ingredients. Take a little break from bleaching and dying your hair. Stop using relaxers, perms, and shampoos that strip your hair’s vital nutrients. You must take... View Article

Spring is when most people have a fresh look at life and start to shake off the winter blahs. The weather starts getting warmer, we get more sunlight, and everything seems better. It’s no wonder that some people call it “the season of hope.” And what could be more hopeful than new hairstyles? You can try many looks at our hair salon this spring; here are our top seven favorites for 2022. 1. Straight Bangs This style is one of the best hairstyles for women in spring 2022. It’s great for those who want something simple but still stylish and... View Article

Summer’s hot temperatures mean you’ll probably want to rethink your hair for the season. Whether you’re looking for a new cut or simply a style that will keep your hair out of your face, we have plenty of tips for 2021’s hottest hair styles in Palatine, IL. Read on for some ideas, then call to book your cut and styling appointment: Pixie cut: Heat and humidity might have you wishing you could take it all off—your hair, that is. If you’re ready to feel the breeze on your neck all season long, try a cute pixie cut with long bangs.... View Article

Spring is finally upon us, and there’s no better time for a fresh start. Whether you’re looking to change up your look or treat yourself to some much-needed self-care, there’s sure to be something for you in this season’s hair trends. Be on the lookout for these spring hairstyles in Palatine, IL! Mullet Believe it or not, the mullet is making a comeback, but it’s better than ever before. Unlike its ‘80s predecessor, the 2021 version of the mullet is less boxy and severe. A softer and longer mullet can beautifully frame a face, and it can be adapted to... View Article

Permanent hair straightening treatments like thermal reconditioning are a great idea for people with unmanageable hair who love silky straight locks. If you struggle with long, labor-intensive straightening routines every morning and are sick of tackling your frizzy hair with home remedies, permanent hair straightening could be a good option for you. However, there are some things you should think about before taking the permanent hair straightening treatment plunge. Here are some factors to take into account before making your appointment at a Palatine, IL salon. Your hair history matters A good stylist will be sure to ask you about... View Article