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There are so many hair treatment options out there, it can be overwhelming to decide which one is best for your locks. If you want to straighten your hair, two of the most common options are keratin and thermal reconditioning. But which is better? Should you go with Japanese hair straightening or another method? Are there benefits to each method? Here is what you need to know about each option. Ask yourself the following questions to determine which option is best for you. Do I want a long-lasting treatment or something temporary? Thermal reconditioning, also referred to as Japanese hair... View Article

Out of all the different treatment methods and supplements available for hair, keratin is often on the top of the list. Whether you have it done by a professional or use a shampoo with keratin in it, there are a ton of keratin treatment benefits. Continue reading to learn more about all the benefits: Eliminates frizz: Humid conditions lead to frizzy, hard-to-control hair for many of us. Keratin keeps hair sleeker and less susceptible to frizzing up and looking out of sorts. Although a keratin hair treatment is great any time of year, now’s a particularly good time to schedule... View Article

Many people want glossy, soft and voluminous hair, but unfortunately, that’s not always easy to achieve. You may try different shampoos, conditioners or salon products, but the look you desire for your hair may still prove elusive. Enter keratin treatments. Here’s what you need to know about keratin: It is an organic, naturally occurring protein that can be found throughout your body, especially in your hair, skin and nails. In this article, we’ll cover some of the basics regarding keratin treatments for your hair. What is a keratin treatment? A keratin treatment for your hair is a chemical-treatment process with... View Article

There’s always a popular method for making hair look healthier and shinier. As time passes, we find new and better ways to treat hair that minimize damage and yield longer-lasting results. These days, just about everyone wants to treat their hair with keratin. In fact, many of our clients come to us for keratin treatments in Palatine, IL because this innovative technique offers glossy, frizz-free locks. What is keratin? Clients interested in keratin hair treatments in Palatine, IL want to know about the process, starting with the question we always get: what is keratin? It’s a protein that naturally occurs... View Article

The warmer weather is great for summer vacations, but it can wreak havoc on hair. That means it’s time to get your hair summer-ready with professional hair restoration in Palatine, IL! Here are some amazing treatments and reconditioning you might want to try. Thermal reconditioning Unless you work in the hair care industry or have been a long-time hair salon client, you may not be familiar with thermal reconditioning services. The easiest way to define thermal reconditioning is that it’s a permanent hair straightening system that preserves the hair’s strength and condition. It’s a fantastic option for people with curly,... View Article