Out of all the different treatment methods and supplements available for hair, keratin is often on the top of the list. Whether you have it done by a professional or use a shampoo with keratin in it, there are a ton of keratin treatment benefits.

Continue reading to learn more about all the benefits:

  • Eliminates frizz: Humid conditions lead to frizzy, hard-to-control hair for many of us. Keratin keeps hair sleeker and less susceptible to frizzing up and looking out of sorts. Although a keratin hair treatment is great any time of year, now’s a particularly good time to schedule it and beat the summer humidity.
  • Makes hair stronger: One of the top reasons to consider a keratin hair treatment is that it strengthens the protein bond between roots and follicles. Your hair will be more firmly connected to your head, which prevents it from falling out and being too limp. You may even notice that your hair starts growing at a faster rate.
  • Protects hair: After applying keratin, you’ll find that your hair is better able to withstand the poor outdoor conditions. Your hair will remain shiny even if the weather is particularly windy or dry. Additionally, keratin protects your hair from emissions, smog or other toxins that tend to make it appear dull.
  • Reduces drying time: Using a blow dryer is much faster than a towel or letting your hair air dry—but that doesn’t mean blow drying is necessarily quick. Keratin is the best way to speed up your blow-drying time each morning. Since you won’t have to apply as much heat, your hair will also be healthier throughout the day.

Keratin application methods

One of the best things about a keratin hair treatment is that it comes in many forms. Here are a few ways to introduce your hair to keratin:

  • Salon treatments: Also known as the Brazilian keratin treatment, the top way to get keratin is at a professional salon. This method involves applying a chemical cream to your hair before blow drying and straightening it. You’ll then need to keep your hair dry for a few days before returning to the salon and rinsing the chemicals out. This treatment can last for a few months.
  • Serums, shampoos and conditioners: Store-bought keratin products don’t last nearly as long or work as well as a salon treatment; however, using them is better than doing nothing at all. The active compounds in products containing keratin can repair hair and make it more damage resistant.
  • Supplements: Keratin supplements are available at many health food stores and come in both powder and capsule form. Be sure to read instructions, though. Taking too much keratin can cause an excessive buildup of protein in your body.

Schedule your treatment today

If you’re ready to start experiencing the keratin treatment benefits, then make an appointment at Claude Thomas Salon & Spa. We specialize in keratin treatments, and we even have three different treatment strengths for our clients’ hair. Our treatments last three to six months, so you’re sure to be satisfied with the results.

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