There’s always a popular method for making hair look healthier and shinier. As time passes, we find new and better ways to treat hair that minimize damage and yield longer-lasting results. These days, just about everyone wants to treat their hair with keratin. In fact, many of our clients come to us for keratin treatments in Palatine, IL because this innovative technique offers glossy, frizz-free locks.

What is keratin?

Clients interested in keratin hair treatments in Palatine, IL want to know about the process, starting with the question we always get: what is keratin? It’s a protein that naturally occurs in hair and nails. This protein protects the hair shaft while helping to maintain the hair’s elasticity. We deplete the natural keratin in our hair with heated styling tools, chemicals and other harmful processes.

This type of treatment adds much-needed protein to your hair. During the treatment, the keratin fills the porous gaps in your hair to make it healthier and stronger. By doing this, you practically eliminate frizz and increase luster and softness. Most people find their hair is more manageable after these treatments, too.

Who should get a keratin hair treatment?

These treatments are ideal for people with coarse, textured hair who want to smooth their tresses out and tame their mane in general. If you straighten or blow-dry your hair almost every day, then a keratin hair treatment is right for you. As for people with naturally straight hair or thin, fine hair, these treatments likely aren’t for you.

What happens during a keratin hair treatment?

The length of your hair directly impacts how long it will take to complete the treatment process. On average, your stylist may need anywhere from two to four hours to finish treating your locks:

  • Cleanse hair: Your hair must be free of any other products. Don’t worry about washing your hair before your appointment. We’ll perform a deep cleanse on your tresses to strip your hair of any oils, products or residue that might affect your treatment results.
  • Treatment application: Depending on what your stylist deems most appropriate for your hair, they will either apply the keratin treatment to your wet hair or blow-dry your hair, and then coat each strand with the treatment.
  • Waiting: The treatment needs at least 30 minutes to thoroughly saturate your hair. Make sure you have a fully-charged phone to scroll through or bring something to read while you wait!
  • Seal: To seal the treatment into your hair, the stylist flat irons your locks on low to medium heat. Then you’re done!

It’s not a complicated process, but you don’t want to rush it to ensure stunning final results. You need to wait 24 to 48 hours after your appointment to shampoo your hair or get it wet at all. Only use sulfate-free shampoo after keratin hair treatments in Palatine, IL. Depending on how often you wash your hair, your treatment will last anywhere from three to six months.

Claude Thomas Salon & Spa has years of experience administering keratin treatments in Palatine, IL. Contact us now to schedule an appointment for a keratin hair treatment or a consultation with a stylist about the right treatments for your locks.

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