The warmer weather is great for summer vacations, but it can wreak havoc on hair. That means it’s time to get your hair summer-ready with professional hair restoration in Palatine, IL! Here are some amazing treatments and reconditioning you might want to try.

Thermal reconditioning

Unless you work in the hair care industry or have been a long-time hair salon client, you may not be familiar with thermal reconditioning services. The easiest way to define thermal reconditioning is that it’s a permanent hair straightening system that preserves the hair’s strength and condition. It’s a fantastic option for people with curly, wavy and/or frizzy hair who want to enjoy straight hair. Other fantastic benefits of thermal reconditioning are improved hair manageability and having shiny, sleek, smooth hair.

The thermal reconditioning straightening process revolves around a cornstarch-based system that uses heat oxidization to seal and rebuild hair. Once the hair has been straightened through the thermal reconditioning process, it will no longer be curly or frizzy. In other words, the resulting straight hair is permanent, but touchups can be done to new hair as it grows in—typically within a six-month to one-year timeframe.

It’s important to keep in mind that thermal reconditioning is not recommended for damaged hair, hair that’s undergone a straightening system containing hydroxide or sodium or high lifted color treated hair.

Ultimately, after completing this treatment you’ll have shiny, silky, straight hair that’s easy to manage and style. Remember, your hair is now permanently straight!

Keratin treatment

Keratin treatment in Palatine, IL is another type of hair straightening system. It can be applied to hair that is curly, frizzy or bleached, and even to damaged hair in poor condition. If you hair is damaged, make sure to consult your hair stylist for the go-ahead before scheduling a hair straightening appointment.

How does the keratin treatment work? A professional takes a heated iron and, using a specific technique, they are able to seal in the natural keratin protein in the hair.

The nice thing about keratin treatment systems is that some are made with a designed formula that gives customized results. For example, some can maintain curls while eliminating the frizz, while others straighten out curls and eliminate frizz. It’s also important to know that the Keratin treatment is not permanent and only lasts three to five months. How long it will last depends on how often you wash your hair and the type of shampoo and conditioner you use.

After a keratin treatment, you should experience no more frizz, and no more out-of-control curls! Your hair will be silky and smooth, and you’ll spend less time styling your hair everyday. Keratin treatment also restores your hair, strengthening it at the shaft and smoothing out the cuticles.

The best hair salon in Palatine, IL will have years of professional experience under their belt. As a full-service salon, Claude Thomas Salon & Spa is proud to have extensive experience in both thermal reconditioning and keratin treatments. Call us for more information or to schedule a hair appointment today!

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