Salon professionals offer a variety of hair extension methods. Which one is right for you? Use the following quick guide to types of hair extensions in Palatine, IL to learn about the options available and decide which would be best to suit your needs and style.

Strand by strand extensions

This method of hair extension uses 20 to 40 strands of hair that are bonded together at one end with polyurethane or a glue bond. The stylist attaches the extensions to small sections of your hair using either a heat gun or copper cylinders and pliers. You may also hear this method referred to as nail tip, u tip, flat tip, keratin bond or micro links.

If you desire a lot of volume, the stylist may attach up to 300 strands to achieve the desired look. Of course, the total number will depend on the desired length and style as well as the length of your own hair.

Weft extensions

Among hair extension methods in Palatine, IL, you may also choose weft extensions. A weft is a plurality of hair that is attached at one end. Wefts range from 1” to 60” and can be applied to your hair as panels, rather than individually as in the strand-by-strand method. Wefts can be hand tied, machine made or injection molded. Your stylist may apply a weft extension using clips, glue, tape or a sewn-in/braided method.

Clip in

If you’re looking for types of hair extensions in Palatine, IL that are less permanent, you may want to consider clip in hair extensions. These simply clip to your hair for a temporary attachment, using small, pressure-sensitive clips. If you are not ready to commit to daily wear of a specific extension style, this is a good option to try out various looks until you find one you like.

Top pieces

If you are experiencing hair thinning on the top of your scalp, this might be one of the best hair extension methods in Palatine, IL for you. This type of extension helps camouflage the thinning by adding volume and thickness to the hair on top of your head. These are typically attached with a clip or micro bead method and usually require occasional retightening.

Professional consultation

With so many options available, it can be difficult to choose from the many types of hair extensions in Palatine, IL. For the best results, consult with an experienced stylist. This professional can examine your hair type and discuss what look you desire and recommend the best option to achieve optimal results.

Look your best

To learn more about your hair extension options and the best solution for your hair, consult with the experts at Claude Thomas Salon & Spa. We’ve been helping clients look their best since 1995. Locally owned and operated, we provide a personalized customer service experience that leaves all our clients feeling pampered and beautiful. Reach us today at 847-705-5999 with any questions about hair extension methods in Palatine, IL or to schedule a consultation.

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