When people want to experiment with new hairstyles, they always think the only options for change are cutting and coloring, which is a bit limiting. Actually, hair extensions open up what you can try with your tresses. Many of our clients are often misled by common hair extension myths in Palatine, IL, and are surprised to learn they are incorrect when they speak with us about the process. Read on while we debunk some of these myths!

Hair extensions will damage your existing hair

This is one of the hair extension myths in Palatine, IL we hear the most often at our salon. The reason so many of our clients share this concern with us is that low-quality, glued-in extensions can destroy your hair. But when a professional attaches top quality, soft bonding extensions, your natural locks will not sustain any damage. It’s equally important to have a stylist remove your extensions instead of doing so yourself.

Hair extensions don’t fit your lifestyle

For active individuals who work out regularly and spend their free time hiking, biking and enjoying other recreational activities, hair extensions might seem completely out of the question. With keratin polymers or locks, your extensions will last for least two months and could stay in for upwards of six months. Go to yoga. Take a rock climbing trip. Your hair extensions are up to the task!

Hair extensions stop natural growth

Again, this myth is totally false. Many people growing their hair out actually opt for extensions to achieve the look they want faster. Hair extensions can also hide any length or unevenness as you let your natural strands reach the length you desire. For those experiencing either permanent or temporary hair loss, extensions are a safe way to create the hairstyle that makes you feel the best.

Hair extensions are uncomfortable

“Beauty is pain” does not apply to hair extensions. It may take up to two days to adjust to new extensions, but the misconception that they are uncomfortable or painful is not true. We do recommend wearing your hair down for a few days following your hair extension appointment, but after that, you are fine to style your mane however you please.

Hair extensions require a lot of maintenance

No, you don’t need to visit your stylist every week to care for your hair extensions. The hair stylist who installs your extensions will give you some very handy tips about how to maintain them. It’s much easier than you would expect and doesn’t add much time to your daily self-care regimen.

Hair extensions don’t look natural

This is another myth that is partially true based solely on the quality of the extensions and the stylist’s expertise. You most likely will not achieve a natural look if you are using cheap extensions that you are trying to attach yourself, especially if you are not a hair styling professional.

If you still have questions about hair extension myths in Palatine, IL, get in touch with Claude Thomas Salon & Spa today. We’re available to address all of your concerns and schedule a consultation with one of our expert stylists.

Extensions are a great way to speed up the process of growing longer locks. Reach out to us now about hair extensions or other hair care concerns.

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