We know not all hair types are the same, but all hair needs similar treatment.

Whether your hair is thick and full or on the thinner side, this post will cover a few hair care tips that apply to all hair types:

  • Use lukewarm water: We all love a nice, hot shower, but all of that hot water strips essential oils from our hair and leaves it looking dry and dull and even makes it frizzy throughout the day. Lukewarm water gets you just as clean without all of the negative side effects.
  • Shampoo your scalp: Less is more when it comes to shampoo. Only apply shampoo to your scalp, where oil and dead skin are concentrated. Washing any lower leads to dry and dead-looking hair.
  • Only condition hair ends: Conditioning products are often misused in the shower. Only work the ends of your hair instead of conditioning your entire scalp. Conditioning any higher than mid-length leads to too much oil buildup.
  • Comb wet hair: Your hair is at its most vulnerable and prone to breakage when it’s wet. Use a wide-toothed comb to gently work away tangles and remove broken hair strands.
  • Air-dry hair: Another one of our healthy hair habits is to take a break from your blow dryer and air-dry your hair instead. All of that heat can cause lasting damage and even lead to hair loss down the road.
  • Use heat protection: If you’re going to use a blow dryer, straightener or curling iron, be sure to protect your hair and scalp with a heat-protective spray. This often-ignored tip goes a long way in keeping your hair as healthy as possible.
  • Sleep on silk: Rough cotton pillows cause unnecessary hair damage, and super-absorbent cotton can even remove your overnight hair treatment products. Switch to silk or satin pillowcases and sheets to keep your hair healthy and your head comfortable through the night.
  • Change your hair part: Continuously rotating your middle part from side to side gives your hair instant volume and uncovers the roots to better hold up your hair.
  • Relax after ponytails: While it’s an easy, all-purpose hairstyle, wearing tight ponytails for extended periods puts a ton of strain on your hair and can even lead to breakage. One of our best healthy hair habits is wearing looser ponytails or switching out the elastics for gentle scrunchies.
  • Keep hair hydrated: Just like our skin, our hair is at its best when it’s hydrated. Run some leave-in hair cream through your hair, and wear it throughout the day or to bed at night for hair that’s fully hydrated and healthy.

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