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Forget the old saying, “Blondes have more fun.” In the first year of this new decade, those with brown hair colors are going to really understand why it’s called the Roaring Twenties. For people wanting a brand-new style to take them into 2020, consider these brunette hair trends in Palatine, IL. Fun brunette shades to try in the new year Too many people consider brown hair shades to be dull or lackluster. To those individuals, you’ve been going to the wrong salon! You’d be surprised how many variations there are on brunette hair trends in Palatine, IL: Wood-inspired browns: All-natural... View Article

It’s happened to all of us. We’re scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest or flipping through the pages of a magazine and we find it: that perfect hair color. You make an appointment at your favorite salon, bring the picture to your stylist and can hardly wait to see your new tresses. After a few hours of patiently waiting, your hairstylist blow dries your hair and spins the chair around so you can see the final product… but it’s not quite right. All too often, our Palatine, IL clients don’t realize how hair color lighting can change what they see in... View Article

Scheduling regular facials is a great way to ensure your skin remains healthy and radiant year-round, but the many benefits that a facial can provide become even more important during the winter months. Because the winter is such a dry and dreary time of year, it will be imperative to take all of the necessary steps you can to keep yourself protected so the next few months don’t wreak havoc on your facial skin care routine. Read on to learn about just a few of the reasons why now is a great time to schedule a winter facial in Palatine,... View Article

The holiday season is here, and your social calendar is probably filling up with various parties that friends, family members and coworkers will be hosting over the course of the next couple months. With all of the upcoming holiday parties you have on your schedule, you will need a few go-to holiday hairstyles to keep your look fresh and festive. Here is a guide with just a few of the trendiest holiday hairstyles in Palatine, IL for you to consider this season: High ponytail: If you want to highlight the contour and definition of your cheekbones, pulling your hair up... View Article

Long, Disney-princess eyelashes are something that many of us wish we could have—and thanks to eyelash extensions, we can, no matter what kind of lashes we were born with. They’re a great way to make your eyes pop, and may even cut down on the time you have to spend on makeup application. Not only that, but it’s a nice way to treat yourself to an affordable luxury. When you’re ready for your own eyelash extension installation in Palatine, IL, make sure you stop by Claude Thomas Salon & Spa. Our licensed eyelash extension technicians can make you look and... View Article