Eyelash extensions can be an important part of any beauty regimen, whether you’re getting ready for a special occasion or simply want to look your best. Before visiting a salon in Palatine, IL, you’ll need to understand the difference between eyelash extension fills and a full set of eyelash extensions. This article discusses everything you need to know, along with some tips for choosing the right service for you.

Refills are best in moderation

Unlike full sets, refills involve applying only a few lashes to cover the gaps left over from extensions that are weakened or broken. Lash extensions won’t last forever, so it’s normal to get a touch-up between full sets. Natural lashes fall out every two to three months and take their extensions with them. Of course, natural lashes grow in and fall out at different times.

Everyone needs eyelash extension fills to varying degrees, and these should be requested on an as-needed basis. As a general guideline, you shouldn’t go into the salon for a refill more than once between full sets. Applying refills too frequently will tarnish the health and appearance of your eyelashes due to an excessive buildup of adhesive. Remember, eyelash extension fills are no substitute for a full set.

Full sets replace all the lashes

A full set of eyelash extensions is completely different. Just as the name suggests, your stylist in Palatine, IL will remove any leftover eyelashes and lay down a fresh new set. During a full set application, the stylist will clean away gunk and give your natural lashes a breather before applying new extensions. Since both natural lashes and extensions fall out over time, this process typically happens once every three weeks to maintain maximum fullness.

Don’t rush to schedule a full set of eyelash extensions the second they begin to fall out. Full sets are more expensive than refills, which is why salons offer to partially replace extensions in between sets. You’ll need a fresh set of lashes eventually, but for now, save your cash with a few refills.

Which service do I need?

Start by asking yourself the last time you visited the salon and what type of lash application you received. You’re due for a refill if it’s only been a week since your last full set but extensions are already breaking off. If more than three weeks have passed without a lash appointment of any kind, it’s time for a brand-new set!

Those who are new to the world of eyelash extensions will likely need advice on how to maintain gorgeous lashes. Consult a stylist in Palatine, IL if you’re still not sure whether a refill or full set is necessary. Also, keep track of lash appointments on your calendar so you don’t forget which service is coming up next.

Eyelash extensions are a delicate art form and require a trained professional for proper application. Claude Thomas Salon & Spa has a team of stylists that can apply refills and full sets, even if your lashes were previously done at a different salon. Visit our eyelash extensions and enhancements page to see photos of our work and the services we offer at Claude Thomas Salon & Spa.

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