How much time do you spend putting on makeup each day? Wouldn’t you rather roll out of bed looking the way you want? It’s not something relegated to Disney princesses and the super wealthy—with permanent makeup, you can save time on your beauty routine for at least a decade, if not longer. There are plenty of benefits to permanent makeup in Palatine, IL—here are some of the top reasons we recommend it:

  • Save time on makeup application: If you weren’t blessed with the ability to apply makeup flawlessly the first time, every time, permanent makeup can be a great way to take the fuss and hassle out of it. This is especially great if you have a demanding job or spend a lot of time commuting. Get the extra sleep but still look great!
  • Avoid wasting money on new products: How many new products do you buy every year, hoping this is the one that will give you the results you need? Permanent makeup will save you the hassle and expense of buying new makeup, only to find out it doesn’t do anything different than your last purchase.
  • Reduce the effects of medical conditions: If you have lost hair due to chemotherapy, alopecia or other medical conditions, permanent makeup can help. Many clients use permanent makeup as a way to fill in their eyebrows and feel more normal.
  • Get immediate results: Unlike many beauty treatments, you won’t need to wait to see results. As soon as your session is done, you’ll walk out with fresh, visible permanent makeup.

Who benefits from permanent makeup?

Almost everyone can benefit from permanent makeup! That said, some people in Palatine, IL will gain extra benefits, including:

  • People with oily skin: If you have oily skin, you may have trouble keeping your makeup from melting off your face—especially in hot, humid weather. Permanent makeup solves this problem.
  • People who have trouble applying makeup: Arthritis, vision issues, hand tremors and other health problems can make makeup application difficult. With permanent makeup, you can get anything from a full face to highlighting a few key features that you have trouble with otherwise.
  • People with an active lifestyle: If you play sports, love the outdoors or otherwise find that your makeup comes off due to your active lifestyle, permanent makeup is a great solution. You’ll always look great, no matter how sweaty you get.
  • People who have cosmetic allergies: Finally, some folks are unable to wear makeup due to allergens in the products. Permanent makeup is a smart way to enjoy cosmetics without the allergies and resulting side effects.

These are just a few of the benefits of permanent makeup in Palatine, IL. If you’re interested in finding out how permanent eyebrow shading, eyeliner, lipstick and more can enhance your look, talk to the experts at Claude Thomas Salon & Spa. We provide safe, hygienic and painless permanent makeup solutions for our clients. Discover how permanent makeup can enhance your appearance 24/7 when you call us today. In as little as two appointments, you can enjoy your own “natural” look for good!

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