Summer’s hot temperatures mean you’ll probably want to rethink your hair for the season. Whether you’re looking for a new cut or simply a style that will keep your hair out of your face, we have plenty of tips for 2021’s hottest hair styles in Palatine, IL. Read on for some ideas, then call to book your cut and styling appointment:

  1. Pixie cut: Heat and humidity might have you wishing you could take it all off—your hair, that is. If you’re ready to feel the breeze on your neck all season long, try a cute pixie cut with long bangs.
  2. Short bob: Not quite ready to take the pixie plunge? A short bob can also keep you feeling cool during the hottest days of summer. Chin-length bobs offer plenty of style versatility, too.
  3. Side braid: When you want to pin up your hair, why not opt for a side braid instead? Pick your favorite side to highlight, then French-braid a portion of your hair, leaving the rest long and loose.
  4. Half-up box braids: If you have box braids, this half-up style will keep most of the weight off your neck.
  5. Balloon ponytail: For this look, pull your hair back in a ponytail, then section it off with clear elastics. Pull to create a “balloon” shape in each section.
  6. Fishtail braid: Fishtail braids are a messy classic, so they’re perfect for summer. Tease to get best results.
  7. Crown braids: If you have long hair, use crown braids to keep it off your neck and give you some boho style.
  8. Waterfall braid: Waterfall braids are great for keeping hair off your face, and they’re suitable for shoulder-length and longer hair.
  9. Messy top knot: Pull your hair up in a top knot—the messier the better—and you’re ready to go.
  10. Beachy waves: Create beachy waves with your straightener, salt spray or both.
  11. Wet look for short hair: Slicking back your hair for a “wet” look is perfect for summer, even if you didn’t hit the pool that day.
  12. Wrapped ponytail: Instead of a regular ponytail holder, why not wrap a low pony with a decorative tie?
  13. Add scarves: Scarves are perfect accessories for summer hair, especially incorporated into braids and buns.
  14. Try a turban: Turbans are not only ultra-chic, but they keep your scalp protected, too.
  15. Wear a flower in your hair: Add flowers—a single one behind your ear, or a flower crown—for the ultimate summertime look.
  16. Reverse braid bun: Braid your hair from the nape to the crown, then create a topknot for a fun look.
  17. Space buns: Get the modern Princess Leia look by pulling your hair into two high ponytails, then wrapping them into buns.
  18. Braided pigtails: Braided pigtails are a great way to show off your hair length while keeping it off your face.

For more summer hair styles in Palatine, IL, visit Claude Thomas Salon & Spa today.

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