Balayage hair has been around for quite some time, but it’s recently come into vogue as a popular style.

The term comes from the French word for “sweeping,” and refers to a specific freehand technique for hair coloring that results in a more blended, natural appearance without clear, harsh regrowth lines.

The benefits of balayage hair are numerous. For one thing, it creates a more natural appearance so regrowth does not lead to unsightly and sharp color cutoffs. The idea is to develop a multi-tonal finish that uses varying patches of shade and light that adds more complexity to the color schemes used.

It compares in some regards to traditional highlights because there is no foil used, but the end result is not as uniform as those types of highlights. Balayage therefore is a great way to avoid the occasional stripy appearance that can stem from highlights or other types of hair coloring, particularly for people who are adding lighter colors to darker hair.

Another of the benefits of balayage hair is its simplicity. If you don’t want to go with a total overhaul of your hair, you can still get a great refresher of your color with balayage.


As mentioned previously, balayage is a hand-applied hair coloring technique that doesn’t use any foils. It gets painted on to the surface of the hair strand rather than saturated through sections to the tips. This creates a smoother color appearance that blends in easier with the hair.

How long can you expect this process to take? This really varies based on the goals you have for your hair’s appearance. If you’re just doing a few highlights, it might only take a few minutes. But if you’re going with a significant overhaul of your appearance and have long hair, it could take several hours.

If you intend to do a multi-tonal layered balayage coloring, this can take a while. The benefit of going with this more significant coloring process, though, is that you’ll be able to go longer before your next appointment.

Current trends

Today, balayage has become especially popular, thanks to celebrities using it for red carpet appearances and a greater desire for natural-looking colors and highlights.

Part of the appeal of balayage is that, when done well, it creates natural textures and appearances that can result in people questioning whether the hair really was colored or if it’s a completely natural color. This is also a coloring style that works for hair of all types and lengths, so it’s quite accessible.

Finally, its popularity is also greatly aided by the fact that it’s such a low-maintenance method of hair coloring. There are not any regrowth lines, meaning you can wait longer between appointments. You can refresh the balayage to whatever degree you wish upon your next appointment with your colorist.

To learn more about the benefits of balayage and why so many people are opting for this hair coloring method, contact the team at Claude Thomas Salon & Spa today.

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