Microblading is one of the most popular eyebrow trends in the fashion world—and among the most expensive. Customers can expect to pay top dollar for microblading services, especially if they seek out the best professionals in Palatine, IL. That said, if you’re intimidated by microblading costs, both professionals and customers agree it’s worth every single penny!

Microblading is a delicate process

For those who aren’t familiar, microblading is an eyebrow sculpting treatment that involves applying pigment to the surface of your skin. Professionals create natural-looking hair strokes with a blade consisting of a dozen tiny needles. Every single microblading session is customized to the customer’s complexion and face shape to ensure no two styles look alike.

Microblading is an art form that requires skill, lots of time and precision. The whole process from start to finish lasts about two hours. Within this time frame, the microblading services you’ll receive include shaping your natural eyebrows, numbing the area, applying the strokes and finishing with a final layer of pigmentation. Professionals want you to be happy with the end results, so two hours spent in the chair is well worth it.

Choose a professional with experience

Microblading costs can range from hundreds to even a thousand dollars depending on which eyebrow studio you visit in Palatine, IL. The treatment is so expensive because it requires a professional with years of experience. In fact, you should be wary of studios that offer microblading services for surprisingly low prices. When it comes to microblading, you get what you pay for.

If you’re going to invest hundreds of dollars in microblading, research all the eyebrow studios in your area before scheduling an appointment. Consider how many years they’ve been in business and when they started offering microblading services. You can look for additional information like customer reviews and where the professionals earned their cosmetology license. Also, check out before and after photos of clients to see if you like their microblading styles. Microblading costs are pricy no matter the studio, so don’t skimp on quality!

Treatments are semi-permanent

Microblading is so expensive because it’s semi-permanent, which means each treatment typically lasts between 12 and 18 months before a touch-up is necessary. People who’ve traded in their eyebrow pencils for microblading have done so because it saves them time while getting ready in the morning. Customers don’t pay the big bucks for eyebrows that wear off after a few days!

Microblading is like getting a tattoo, and therefore has a similar price tag. Tiny needles make an incision and embed pigment into the top layer of your skin. In fact, many satisfied customers prefer microblading over tattooing their eyebrows because it’s painless and achieves the same effect. No matter which method you choose, keep in mind that treatments designed to last longer are going to be more expensive.

Microblading is the best choice for people who have cash to spare and want that perfect eyebrow look all the time. If this is you, ditch the eyebrow pencil and save time in your daily routine with a microblading treatment from Claude Thomas Salon & Spa. We’re our customers’ preferred studio in Palatine, IL for gorgeous eyebrows that are well worth the cost!

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