Unfortunately, just because you want a particular hair color does not mean it will look good on you. The best method for choosing hair color in Palatine, IL is to see what is recommended for your skin tone. Generally, skin tone is divided into warm or cool tones, and those have subsections based on the seasons. Cool tones are subdivided into winter and spring, while the warm tones are autumn and summer. Here is a description of each tone and the best hair colors for them:

  • Winter: You are classified as a winter if you were born with brown or black hair and have a harsh contrast between eye, hair and skin color. Winters have fair skin for their ethnicity and do not tan easily. There are pink undertones to skin, and eye color is usually jewel-toned and includes blue, green, emerald green, dark blue or brown enough that your eyes appear black. Best colors include anything with a blue, violent-red or violet base like dark brown or black, white platinum blonde or jewel-toned hair. Avoid golden blonde, copper red or caramel.
  • Spring: Another cool tone, spring distinguishes itself from winter with more pink or yellow undertones in skin. Eye color is lighter than winter, and you may tan a little. Your hair when you were born was either dishwater blonde or you were a towhead. Best colors have a violet, blue or green base, like light blonde, platinum blonde or ashy blonde or brown. Avoid anything with an orange or overly golden base.
  • Autumn: This warm tone features skin with an olive base. Even if you are considered fair, you have a glowing skin tone that lacks the pink or yellow of the cool tones. Natural hair color is generally rich dark brown, and eye color leans more towards brown, hazel green and golden brown. Colors with an orange base or red undertone work well, and they include auburn, warm beige blonde, honey blonde, copper or caramel and other rich golden browns. Avoid platinum blonde, ash brown and anything with a green, blue or violet undertone.
  • Summer: Those with a summer tone tan easily and look golden even when it’s the middle of winter and there is no sun exposure. Eye color can be anything, but the most common is hazel. Preferred hair colors include anything with a yellow or orange base, like golden blonde, honey colors, toffee, light caramel brown or champagne blonde. Lighter colors often work very well. However, black is not suggested, and it is best to avoid ashy colors or anything with a blue or green base.

Once you determine your skin tone and best colors, you also need to decide how much you want to invest in hair care. Some colors require more maintenance in terms of sulfate-free products and frequent salon visits. Also, if your hair is damaged by multiple coloring sessions, it will likely not withstand the processing of super light shades. That’s why it’s important to consult with a skilled colorist.

Claude Thomas Salon & Spa offers 25 years of experience coloring hair in Palatine, IL. If you want advice on choosing a hair color before you take action, call us today to schedule an appointment!

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