Salons closed during the pandemic are now allowed to reopen as long as they comply with standards. It is likely that some of you turned to box color during this time, and now you’re wondering what you were thinking. If that’s the case with you, color correction service in Palatine, IL can help restore your hair to the color you desire. Here are the most common questions about color correction.

What is involved with hair color correction?

Hair color correction removes unwanted tones from hair to achieve your desired color. It solves issues when hair color is applied incorrectly or turns brassy or fades.

The process involves several steps that include toning as well as lightening and darkening. For example, if blonde hair looks brassy (develops orange streaks), a stylist adds shades that neutralize the orange before dyeing that hair the desired color. When using box dye, it is likely your application caused hair to absorb dyes unevenly, and it’s important for the stylist to remove those tones first before proceeding to the desired color.

How long will I be stuck in the salon?

The time required for color correction in Palatine, IL varies. There are serious cases where someone can spend all day in the salon. Oftentimes, it can take several appointments, especially if your hair is damaged and requires conditioning treatments first.

This is why it’s important to book a color consultation before doing anything else. We can assess whether you need color correction or if treatments and dye will be sufficient. Since the time and cost for color correction can be substantial, it’s a good idea to assess your hair color situation first and review your options.

Do I need hair color correction?

Generally, if your hair color is not the one you expected or hoped for, you should consult with a hair stylist. Explain to your stylist what you hoped to achieve with the box color or previous appointment, and describe how your hair color has faded since that time.

If there is minor brassiness or brown hair showing too much red, you can likely get away with a toning service. These glazes are often enough to restore your desired hair color.

However, if you fell victim to bad hair blending or balayage, either from a substandard salon or your own do-it-yourself efforts, you likely need a full color correction. The worse the mistakes, the more you will pay for this service, mainly because consultation and process time is significant. Fortunately, our clients indicate the results are worth it.

Can’t I just do this at home?

No! Home hair dyeing likely put you in this position in the first place, and there is no way you can see your whole head to make sure you apply these processes evenly and correctly. Trying to fix your dye job on your own will likely make future hair color correction more time consuming and expensive.

Instead, visit a reputable hair salon and invest in good hair design. At Claude Thomas Salon & Spa, we offer hair color correction in Palatine, IL that will help you achieve the color you desire, and will do so without abusing your hair. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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