Now that we can get back to updating our hair color and style, our clients have been inquiring about balayage. This way of adding highlights is a natural and pretty way to get a sun-kissed look while letting your roots grow out naturally. Is balayage hair coloring in Palatine, IL right for you?

What is balayage?

Balayage is a highlight technique where the stylist “paints” strands of hair with bleach to achieve highlights. The highlights are bolder at the bottom and gradually become more subtle as they go up, like the natural way your hair lightens in the sun over time.

Balayage differs from highlights in that the entire strand is not colored, nor are foils used to help lift the color. Each strand is painted individually and left to lighten on its own, producing an overall subtler look. This has the benefit of being healthier for your hair, since the roots will be left untouched. And while you can create an ombre look with balayage hair in Palatine, IL, the term refers to a technique, not the result.

Benefits of balayage

Wondering what balayage can do for you? Take a look at these benefits:

  • Works on every hair type: No matter your hair type, whether curly, wavy, straight, fine or thick, balayage is a viable option. Certain hair types may be more challenging or take longer to complete, but it can be done on any kind of hair.
  • Versatile: The best part of balayage is how versatile it is—you can go bold or subtle, choose how high you want your highlights to go and work with any color you like. Your stylist will work with you to determine what your ideal results are, and then adjust the technique accordingly.
  • Grows out well: Living through the COVID-19 pandemic has made low-maintenance color more appealing than ever, and balayage is the perfect technique for this. Since the look is subtle, you can let your roots grow out for months before you’ll need another appointment. That also makes it great for those on a budget.
  • Helps transition hair colors: Growing out your hair color, or just wanting to make sure you’re ready to fully commit to blonde? Balayage can help you transition through hair colors until you’re ready to switch it up or cut off the highlighted portion. It’s a great way to grow out your hair and keep it looking nice.
  • Works with the seasons: In the summer, most of us opt for golden blonde tones. Balayage makes it easy to transition your hair into the warmer caramels and reds of autumn and the cool reds and plums of winter, if you choose. Talk to your stylist about how you might want to change your hair color over the coming seasons, and they’ll develop a solution for you.

If you’re ready to take the plunge and get balayage hair coloring in Palatine, IL, be sure to book an appointment with Claude Thomas Salon & Spa. Our full-service salon is staffed with skilled colorists—call today to schedule your visit.

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