We get it. You see an ad on Pinterest or Instagram for an at-home hair coloring system that promises salon-quality results. Impulsively you hit “buy,” your order arrives and after you give it a try, you find yourself looking more like a Troll Doll than a model. When it comes to changing your hair color, the most important of all of the hair coloring tips in Palatine, IL we can offer is to not use at-home dyeing products.

Don’t ruin your hair with at-home dyes

It’s easy to pick up box dye in Palatine, IL at any pharmacy, supermarket or big box store, especially if you are eager to do something different with your hair. But there are very real reasons not to use these products, and to instead trust a professional to dye your hair:

  • Bad for your hair: Most box hair color in Palatine, IL claims to be safe and healthy to use on your tresses. But that is not always the case. These chemicals are harsh, and a professional stylist knows how to properly handle them so your locks are left undamaged. Without that training, you could seriously ruin your hair.
  • Everyone is different: Dyeing your hair is a process that chemically alters the melatonin found in your strands. Not only does every person have their own unique hair color and skin tone, but everyone’s body chemistry varies. An experienced stylist will understand the nuances of using these chemicals correctly.
  • You never know what you’re going to get: Another one of the crucial hair coloring tips in Palatine, IL is that the color you see on a box is not what you’ll end up with on your head. There’s so much you have to take into account to properly change your hair color. Never trust the picture you see on the box or in an advertisement.
  • The deceptively low cost: Yes, a box of dye is cheaper than an appointment with a hair stylist. However, after your at-home hair color experiment fails, which it likely will, the cost of fixing the problem along with the products you need to revive your locks adds up to more than your visit to the salon.
  • Uneven results: Even if you are doing a simple all-over color with a box dye in Palatine, IL, you are likely going to end up with some faded reverse ombre that looks nothing like you pictured. Dyeing someone else’s hair is hard enough, but coloring your own evenly and artistically is nearly impossible without training.

We know how tempting it is to grab a box of hair color in Palatine, IL when you’re out running errands. The ease of changing your hair at home for $10 seems like a great idea, but believe us, you’ll end up regretting the decision when you have to pay way more for color correction service.

If you want to try a new hair style this season, make an appointment at Claude Thomas Salon & Spa! During your appointment at our locally-owned salon, one of our skilled stylists will create a color concept just for you. Contact us now to schedule your appointment.

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