Deciding what to do for your next haircut is almost as exciting as getting the new look itself. If you’re bored with your current look, you might be considering getting bangs at your next haircut appointment in Palatine, IL.

We’ve all heard horror stories about regretting bangs as soon as the scissors go snip—but if you consider your options and choose a hairstyle with bangs that flatters your face, you’ll be confident in your choice. Here’s what to consider before making the cut:

  • Think about the commitment: Once you get bangs in Palatine, IL, you’ll have them for quite a while—even if you don’t like them, it will take months and sometimes years for your hair to grow out to match the rest of your hair. There’s also that awkward growing-out phase to contend with, so be sure you really want them before you cut your hair. You should also be ready to commit to regular trims, since they’ll be in your face. Luckily, you can pin them back with decorative bobby pins and other ornaments when you can’t get to a stylist or need to grow them out.
  • Pick a style that suits your face and hair type: The type and texture of your bangs should be not only a flattering style for your face shape, but also a good choice for your hair type. For example, if you have fine, thin hair, a heavy bang will end up looking wispy or stringy.
  • Get entry-level bangs: Longer, side-swept bangs can be a good way to try out the style without making a total commitment. If you like the way they look, you can always go shorter.
  • Decide whether you want to modify your routine: Bangs aren’t just high maintenance in that they require frequent trims—they also require you to change up your hair routine. For example, it’s important to dry your bangs right away, since your normal air drying usually makes them harder to style. They also can require additional products and techniques to get them to lay properly—flat irons and hairspray are useful tools.
  • Ask your hairstylist: Sometimes we need an objective opinion when it comes to a new look—you might be scared to make the cut, or unsure of which styles look best on you. Talking to your hairstylist will give you a better idea of how to cut bangs, what you’ll need to do to style them and how often you can expect to come in for a trim.

Bangs are a commitment, but they’re also a great look for many people. Are you ready to change up your style?

Get hairstyles with bangs in Palatine, IL

Claude Thomas Salon & Spa can help you choose the best haircut for your face shape, hair type and lifestyle when you book an appointment with us. Our stylists are skilled at guiding clients to great choices, including making the leap to bangs. Are you ready for a new look? Call us today to book an appointment and learn more about our services.

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