With spring here, many of us are longing for a brand-new look to reflect the sunnier days and brighter colors of the season. Balayage is a great choice no matter your hair type and color—the painted-on highlights can be as subtle or as bold as you want them to be. They’re also low maintenance, since your roots will remain relatively untouched.

Read on to find out why balayage hair coloring is so popular in Palatine, IL.

What is balayage?

The word “balayage” comes from the French for “to paint” or “to sweep,” and refers to the way the highlights are accomplished. Your stylist will hand-paint strands of your hair with bleach in order to lighten the ends and create a natural-looking, sun-kissed appearance.

With traditional highlights, your stylist selects strands of hair and highlights from the root, using foils—which looks great until it starts to grow out. Balayage hair coloring in Palatine, IL focuses on the ends of the hair instead, leaving the roots to grow naturally. This is similar to how the ends of your hair are naturally lighter than the roots, thanks to being exposed to the sun for months or years longer.

Balayage doesn’t necessarily mean ombre, but it can be used to create an ombre effect. In fact, you can use balayage with any type of hair color, including fantasy colors like pink and blue.

Balayage looks for spring

Balayage continues to be popular, and can be adapted to the latest hot new colors. Here’s what’s trending for Spring 2020:

  • Strawberry blonde: Strawberry blonde is the perfect color for spring—this pink- or red-tinged blonde is cheerful and bright. If you’re a natural blonde, ask your stylist to add highlights; use a color-depositing shampoo and conditioner to add the hue. For medium to light brunettes, reddish highlights can brighten and warm your look.
  • Icy silver: The silvery, ashy gray hair trend isn’t over yet, and now it’s moving into spring. Experts say it works on all skin tones, and the lighter shades are both springy and eye-catching.
  • Subtle dimension: All-over color is making a comeback right now, but if you’re not ready to give up your highlights, ask for subtle dimension. Dark brunettes can add subtle caramel, red and smoky cappuccino tones, while blondes might opt for balayage highlights or lowlights to bring out different shades.
  • High contrast: If Cruella de Vil is your style icon, you’ll love the high-contrast trend. How about silvery gray balayage on jet black hair? Set yourself apart from the crowd with this bold look.

Balayage hair coloring in Palatine, IL

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