When you hear the word “perm,” the first thing that pops into most older adults’ minds is those tight poodle curls, like some hairstyle from the 1980s. This style was in for a time, and at one point it was a popular one not just for women, but even for some men as well.

Salon-quality and DIY perms are still in today, although the methods and results aren’t quite the same. Today’s hair perms include more than tight curls. You can ask your hairstylist for a classic perm, or for subtly wavy or texturized locks. That said, “hair retexturizing” is the modern-day term for hair perms, or permanent waves/curls.

There are two ways to perm, and several types of perm styles. Here’s what you need to know before moving forward with permanent hair texturizing at our hair salon in Palatine, IL.

Two ways to perm

As mentioned above, there are multiple styles of perms, which we’ll talk about shortly, and two major techniques used to perm hair: hot perm and cold perm. Here’s a closer look at both:

  • Hot perms: Hot perms, also called acid perms or digital perms, require heat to hold. This perm technique is best for thin or damaged hair, such as hair that’s been color treated. Hot perms are versatile, allowing you to style your hair in many ways. They are also low maintenance, and an ideal option for busy people.
  • Cold perms: Cold perms, often referred to as ceramic perms, are best for people wanting a more traditional perm (tighter, stronger, defined curls). The thing to keep in mind about this perm is that it’s basically only one style: the tight spiral.

Popular perm styles

The perm techniques of today are used to create more than just classic tight curls, so the use of the term “hair retexturizing” was born. Your stylist can help you choose a perm technique and hair style based on your face shape and hair thickness and natural movement. Below are a few popular retexturizing styles:

  • Body wave: The hottest style in recent years is the body wave perm. This style gives hair a loose, flowing look, almost romantic in nature while remaining neat looking and adding more volume to your hair. This style is ideal either for straight hair that could use more volume or for wrangling flyaway curls.
  • Spiral perm: This style uses the cold technique to produce bouncy curls that spring back into place instead of going limp and flat. Spirals go right up to the scalp, and they can be corkscrew curls or looser sausage curls.
  • Spot perm: A spot or partial perm involves perming only one section of hair. It’s a great option for people with uneven curly hair or who are trying to cover problem areas, like thinning hair.
  • Root perm: This is a kind of spot perm. Because it perms only the roots of the hair or the first two to four inches from the scalp, it must be done using the cold perm technique.

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