There’s a makeup look for work, running errands, the gym and going out to a nice dinner with your sweetheart. For the most part, the more dressed up you are, the greater the “wow” factor your makeup ought to provide.

Enter Valentine’s Day—the day of love and affection, chocolates and champagne. Everything can seem more romantic when Valentine’s Day rolls around, so go ahead and treat yourself to a new makeup look, whether it’s just for the one night or something you’re interested in sticking with for a longer time. The good news is that some of the best makeup looks are also the easiest.

Ready, set, apply! Read on for ideas to do your Valentine’s Day makeup for a night out in Palatine, IL.

Classic red lips

Of all the makeup trends throughout the years, the classic red lips win the trophy every time. Red lipstick screams sexy and romantic. This classic and simple style will have you turning heads all day long, but no head will turn harder than your Valentine’s. The key to achieving a classic red lip is to keep the rest of your makeup simple. Apply foundation and powder, then just a little mascara, eyeliner and blush. Also, make sure to wear a shade of red that suits you.

Smoky eyes

Consider bringing out the sultry eyes for an evening Valentine’s Day dinner date. This makeup look is better known as a smoky eye, which is actually way easier to accomplish yourself than you may think. This sexy, shadowy eye makeup look works on a variety of skin tones and pairs well with a number of dress and clothing styles and colors. Basically, the smoky eye is dark colored and subtle, yet bold and ready to make your face dazzle this Valentine’s Day.

Winged eyes

Another easy Valentine’s Day look is winged eyes. To get this look, you’ll need a soft shade of eyeshadow, a light color shimmer and an eyeliner pencil or pen. You might take a look at pictures of celebrities like Lana Del Rey for inspiration.

Pink and subtle

The phrase “pretty in pink” holds true in most all aspects of fashion, including makeup looks. Pink makeup is pretty and subtle—really all you need is a soft powdery pink to brush over your eyelid and down to the corner of the eyes. Add a little shimmery white for an extra dash of freshness, a dab of pink blush over the cheeks and a clear lip gloss to complete a simple, yet elegant look.

Peachy pop

Peach-colored makeup is one of the most universal looks a woman can attempt. Peach contains a mixture of orange, pink, yellow and red, making it a good choice for almost every skin tone. This fresh, simple-to-achieve makeup look is just what the boyfriend wants to order on Valentine’s Day spent with you.

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