It’s happened to all of us. We’re scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest or flipping through the pages of a magazine and we find it: that perfect hair color. You make an appointment at your favorite salon, bring the picture to your stylist and can hardly wait to see your new tresses. After a few hours of patiently waiting, your hairstylist blow dries your hair and spins the chair around so you can see the final product… but it’s not quite right. All too often, our Palatine, IL clients don’t realize how hair color lighting can change what they see in the mirror.

Not all lighting is the same

This might seem obvious, but many people forget that hair hues vary under different lights. This is actually true of any kind of color, because color is simply the presence of specific kinds of light. But we won’t bore you with the physics of light and color—basically, what this means is that the lighting in the salon you go to is different than bright sunlight, which is not the same as sunlight filtered through some minimal cloud coverage. Indoor lighting varies wildly, whether it’s LED or fluorescent, lamps or overhead lights. This is why hair color lighting change in Palatine, IL really does affect the way your locks look.

So many factors contribute to the color your hair appears to be when you look in a mirror or get ready to take a selfie. Depending on the indoor setting you are in, you could be lit by any number of lighting options, from incandescent bulbs to halogen lamps or even fluorescent tubes. Some lights give off blue light, while others emit white or yellow light. These changes to light color will make your hair look different.

When you are outdoors, the time of day and cloud cover will impact your hair color as well. Maybe you are standing outside on a sunny day and you snap a picture of yourself. A few minutes later, clouds roll in and you take another picture. You’ll notice that the change in light affects the color and luster of your hair.

Don’t believe social media

Most of those stunning pictures you see online are heavily edited. Whether the picture has been enhanced with expensive software or simply changed with a filter, these effects create confusion for those wanting to achieve the same looks as their favorite influencers. You might see a picture of someone with stunning ashy blonde hair, but in different lighting, those tresses might look more peachy. Don’t be misled by social media posts from celebrities.

How to get the hair color you want

At your next hair color appointment, instead of describing the color you want to your stylist, bring in a few photos. Multiple photos will give your stylist a more comprehensive understanding of the color you are trying to achieve. A single picture sets a nearly impossible standard to recreate a look that might only exist thanks to Photoshop or Instagram filters.

Concerned that hair color lighting change in Palatine, IL means you’re unhappy with your salon results? Contact Claude Thomas Salon & Spa to make an appointment with one of our expert stylists. Our hairstylists are not only trained in all aspects of hair care and styling, but also up to date on the latest trends and techniques. Any one of our stylists can happily help you achieve the color and cut you want. Give us a call today!

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