Long, Disney-princess eyelashes are something that many of us wish we could have—and thanks to eyelash extensions, we can, no matter what kind of lashes we were born with. They’re a great way to make your eyes pop, and may even cut down on the time you have to spend on makeup application. Not only that, but it’s a nice way to treat yourself to an affordable luxury.

When you’re ready for your own eyelash extension installation in Palatine, IL, make sure you stop by Claude Thomas Salon & Spa. Our licensed eyelash extension technicians can make you look and feel like you met your own fairy godmother:

  • You’ll look like a million bucks: Long eyelashes frame your eyes beautifully, and it’s no secret that any model or actress you see is likely rocking falsies or extensions. Your eyes will look super feminine.
  • You’ll save time on makeup application: Gone are the days when you have to carefully apply mascara and eyeliner to achieve a similar effect. Who wouldn’t want an extra 15 or so minutes of sleep every morning?
  • You can do anything with eyelash extensions: Well, you might not be able to leap over tall buildings in a single bound, but you will be able to shower, swim and engage in sporting activities in as little as 48 hours after your eyelash extension appointment.
  • Save money on makeup: Even if your natural eyelashes are light, the extensions don’t have to be—which saves you money on tubes of expensive mascara that don’t achieve the same effect.
  • Maintain your look: After your initial eyelash extension installation in Palatine, IL, you’ll only need to get fills every two or three weeks. That’s a lot less time than you’ll spend constantly applying mascara!
  • You can use makeup with them: Are your lashes not quite dramatic enough for your favorite smoky eye look? You can amp up the drama by wearing mascara. It won’t ruin your lashes, and it’s sure to make your eyes pop even more.

At Claude Thomas Salon & Spa, we love giving our clients eyelash extensions. We’ve found that once you’ve experienced what it’s like to have custom eyelash extensions, you’ll never go back to your time-consuming daily mascara routine. Many of our clients have started with eyelash extensions for a wedding or a special occasion, and have found that they never want to be without them. Save yourself the hassle of applying falsies and give eyelash extensions a try today!

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All of the staff at Claude Thomas Salon & Spa have been trained and educated to be fashion forward hair designers, hair color specialists and extensionists. Since 1995, Claude Thomas Salon & Spa has served the Palatine area, bringing our customers top-notch salon and spa services. Our exceptional attention to detail and extraordinary customer service has kept our clients coming back time and again. We’ll help you find your perfect look. Get in touch today to schedule your appointment!

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