The holiday season is here, and your social calendar is probably filling up with various parties that friends, family members and coworkers will be hosting over the course of the next couple months. With all of the upcoming holiday parties you have on your schedule, you will need a few go-to holiday hairstyles to keep your look fresh and festive. Here is a guide with just a few of the trendiest holiday hairstyles in Palatine, IL for you to consider this season:

  • High ponytail: If you want to highlight the contour and definition of your cheekbones, pulling your hair up into a ponytail is one of the best ways to do just that. Using a bit of oil to keep your flyaway hairs under control, this sleek style will allow you to create a look that is both sharp and fun, which is the perfect combination for just about any type of holiday party.
  • Fishtail ponytail: If you are attending a formal event and want a classy take on the ponytail, braiding your ponytail into a fishtail might be just the look for you. Although this look is commonly associated with elegance, if you are attending a casual gathering with friends, you can try a half up-do with fishtail braids, adding a few back piece extensions for extra flair.
  • Big curls: If you normally pin your hair back, try letting your tresses loose with big curls this holiday season. You can curl your hair in any direction you like, but inward facing curls can add a touch of class to your look, making it great for any type of celebration you have planned to end the year. Achieve this voluminous look by using a wide-barrel curling iron to get large, soft curls, and you can always add a few extensions to increase the length and volume of short or medium hair.
  • Bun: When you are running short on time but are going to an upscale event and want to look your best, an elegant bun is the perfect solution. With minimal effort, you can fashion tight twists in a few sections of your hair using nothing more than your fingers and a couple of bobby pins. You can then pin these sections together to create a well-polished bun that is ready for any party.
  • Don’t forget to accessorize: The holidays are also a great opportunity to play with different hair accessories to accentuate your outfit. Whether you choose to leave your hair down or you want it to be out of your face completely, bedazzled hair pins, hair pearls or gold leaf headbands can be just the added pieces you need to capture the feel of the holiday season.

To achieve a look that is sure to turn heads at all of your upcoming holiday parties, contact Claude Thomas Salon & Spa to schedule an appointment. No matter your holiday plans, our hair specialists will make sure you arrive in style, with healthy, beautiful hair. For help finding the holiday party hair in Palatine, IL that’s right for you this season, reach out to us today!

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