Hair extensions are not just for those who are too impatient to grow out their hair. They can add length, volume and health that aren’t possible just from growing out your own natural hair. Plus, hair extensions in Palatine, IL add versatility and stylizing ability that can’t be achieved without them. From adding oomph to updos to creating volume and length for thinner hair types, hair extensions can expand your possibilities when it comes to your hair. However, you do want to know a thing or two about the type of hair extensions that are the best for your hair, goals and lifestyle. Read on to learn everything you need to know to choose the right extensions.

The right hair texture match

Choosing hair of the right texture to match your natural hair is an important step when deciding on hair extensions in Palatine, IL. Hair extensions can be found in different textures depending on your personal hair, including Chinese, European and Indian extensions. However, each extension type can suit a variety of hair textures. Chinese hair is perfect for medium density hair, while European or Russian hair is for finer hair types. Choosing the hair density and texture that matches your hair will create a seamless look.

The perfect color

Color is what most people choose their hair extensions based on, and it’s an important consideration. The right hair extensions for you will be a perfect color match to your natural color, or whatever color you have dyed your hair. Many people have highlights, lowlights and other dimensions in their hair, which can easily be matched by dual-blended and tri-blended hair extensions in Palatine, IL. You should be able to find extensions that match the look of your hair and blend in perfectly.

Consider your lifestyle (and be realistic)

Most people, when considering hair extensions, think about how fabulous they’ll look and get that dreamy-eyed fantasy in their mind without thinking about the lifestyle implications that come along with using extensions. Hair extensions do require some extra maintenance on top of whatever you normally do to your hair for upkeep. However, if you think you’re too busy to wake up a few minutes earlier in the morning, you can consider clip-on extensions, which can be clipped in on those occasions when you have time to style them. With semi-permanent hair extensions, you’ll have to modify certain lifestyle habits, such as braiding them into a low braid for working out to minimize tangling.

Quality hair extensions and a quality stylist

The last thing to consider is choosing quality. You can find hair extensions in Palatine, IL in synthetic, non-Remy and 100 percent Remy human hair, which is the best quality hair extensions on the market. Non-Remy hair will shed and tangle, so it’s worth it to pay for Remy hair. You’ll also want to make sure you choose a stylish you can trust with your hair. All the staff at Claude Thomas Salon & Spa have been trained and educated to be fashion-forward hair designers, color specialists and extensionists. We are one of the top salons in the nation due to the expertise and background experience of the owner. Call us for a consultation and appointment today!

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