The New Year is right around the corner! The start of 2019 will likely be accompanied by the familiar “new year, new me” mantra—and we are all in support of that. January first always seems to inspire a new goal, fitness regime or even a trendy haircut in Palatine, IL. It’s a time of self-improvement, betterment and reinvention. A haircut is a great way to accomplish that, too. Think of it like chopping away all the baggage of last year in exchange for something new, light and fun.

The top hairstylists are predicting next year’s top cuts will harken back to decades past and focus on gorgeous low-maintenance locks. Here are five hairstyles to inspire your 2019 look.

Choppy shag haircuts

The iconic shag haircut is making a comeback, but this time the ‘70s cut has a modern twist. Today’s shag still gives that casual rock’n’roll vibe by incorporating short, choppy layers that allow for more movement and texture than we saw in past decades. Hollywood stars like Chrissy Teigen and Taylor Swift are loving the choppy, versatile layers and ultra-texturized style. Best of all, the shag works on practically every hair texture and in every hair length.

Wash-and-go hair

Time-consuming hairstyles are so 2018. The lived-in texture of wash-and-go hair will make all of our lives easier in 2019. Hair stylists use selective cutting and point cutting on the baseline to create a low-maintenance style based on the natural shape and texture of the hair. No more fussing and fighting with your hair. Instead, wash-and-go hair will look great every day with practically no effort required.

Muted shades

The year 2018 was all about bright pastel hair colors. Next year, we’ll hit the opposite end of the color spectrum with soft, subtle hair colors. Those bright colors are being toned down for dark and muted hues. Luckily, metallic hair colors will still be on trend—they’ll just be a bit softer and more opalescent, with less saturated colors.

No more roots

To be honest, we’re glad to see the trend of grown-out roots finally disappear. Stars were seen sporting blonde locks with grown-out roots all over social media. Now, it’s time to let go of this half-and-half look and make the commitment to going full blonde. Choose a true natural blonde so the roots will blend in better as the hair grows out, or make a statement with an icy white blonde.

Razor cuts

Androgynous cuts aren’t going away anytime soon. Expect to see the comeback of the razor cut in 2019. This edgy haircut uses soft ends and major texture to make a bold, yet stylish statement.

Start 2019 off with a new haircut in Palatine, IL

Start the new year off right with a fresh hairstyle from Claude Thomas Salon & Spa. Our stylists are ready to help you ring in 2019 with expert personalized customer service and a glamorous new haircut to embrace that “new year, new you” vibe. Call us today to book an appointment!

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