Seeing red this season is a good thing—at least, if you’re seeing red hair! There’s already a wide range of shades and tones of red making an appearance, but get ready for reds to waltz through fall and winter 2018 and hold on tight well into spring 2019! Is red your ideal color, but you’re not exactly sure it will look good on your head? Luckily, there’s a red hair color in Palatine, IL for everyone. Read on to learn more!

What red hair color says about a person

Hair color is a sign of personal identity, and it can reflect the type of person you are, so if you color your hair, chances are that color will influence your behavior, including how you carry yourself and deal with the stereotypes associated with the color. Let’s find out what red hair color says about you.

Professionally dyed red hair is eye-catching and can really turn heads. No matter the shade you choose, red hair means you are likely a proud, confident person with high self-esteem. You also have a fiery, social personality, and like natural redheads, you too are extremely passionate in life and love. Your confidence keeps your mind away from self-doubt, but being overconfident can cause friends and family to drift away from you. All in all, others admire your traits and enjoy being around you.

Get ready for reds

From classic red and rich ruby reds to gingersnaps and beet reds, just about all tones of red are in this season. Here are a few of the most sought-after fall, winter and spring red hair color trends to request next time you visit your local salon in Palatine, IL:

  • Ruby red: Rich ruby red hair color is inspired by the ruby gemstone. This choice of color is intense and radiant—it’s a dramatic hue, to say the least. A shade of red like this looks marvelous on its own, but pair it up with someone with a porcelain complexion and green or light blue eyes for an especially striking look.
  • Wine-colored red: Dying one’s hair a shade of wine red is a popular trend we see season after season, and there’s a good reason for this. For starters, wine red looks beautiful on hair of any length and with most skin complexions. Choose a dark and rich shade of wine red with subtle hints of purple for a dramatic look, or pair with subtle ribbons of violets and magenta to create breathtaking warmth.
  • Ginger red: Want a more natural-looking red hue with a touch of bold? Opt for ginger red hair dye in Palatine, IL! This color is a medium red-brown tone with a hint of spice, a warm shade ideal for those with fair skin and brown or green eyes.
  • Cherry red: This color is striking on it’s own or melted together with other colors. Blend cherry red, dark ruby and vivid crimson to create a radiant red.

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