Are you doing some research before your next trip to the hair salon in Palatine, IL? If you’re looking for a style you’ll love, consider the following textured hairstyles. Choose the one that best matches your hair and personality and enjoy a trendy look for the fall.

Not sure which haircut will best suit you? Consult with your professional hairstylist to determine which style will work well for your hair type, face shape and lifestyle. This expert input will help you look and feel your best.

The Choppy Shag

We’re headed back to the 70’s for inspiration for these ‘dos. Choppy layers provide a heavily textured style. Your hair will have major movement and incredible texture. Move over Gwyneth Paltrow!

The Wash-and-Go

If you opt for this textured hairstyle, your stylist will use point-cutting and selective cutting to shape your hair to its natural texture. This cut provides an everyday texture that you can easily style at home, for a simple but attractive “wash-and-go” look.

The Razor Cut

You might say 2018 is the year of the razor. This style provides a soft but edgy look. It adds major texture to your hair and may include fringing.

The Disconnected Cut

This trend varies from subtle to extreme. Mullets, extensions and added fringes are all possibilities. If you have short hair, you may consider adding an accent extension. For longer hairstyles, you may fringe one side or make one side shorter. Think bold and edgy.

The Layered Bob

This style takes a bob look and makes it choppy. The stylist uses razor cutting to create lots of movement. Texturing is internal, with lots of layering. Mid-shoulder length works great for this style and looks good on most people.

The A-Line Choppy Bob

This one’s funky and fun! It’s super easy to style and is great for an oval shape face. Just add some texture spray and you have the care-free look you’ve always wanted.

The Side Part

This one-length bob is fully texturized. It’s short and edgy. The stylist creates a straight perimeter with the texture that creates a neat line. Due to the texturizing, your hair has great movement and always looks done.

The Pixie Cut

This short, choppy cut is great for extroverts. It’s practical and versatile. It offers an edgy yet feminine look.

The Jagged Bob

To create this haircut, the stylist cuts your hair asymmetrically. It’s a bob with many visual points, offering great texture without being too choppy. The style is simple to maintain with a quick blow-dry.

Get Your Texture On

Have you discovered a style you’d like to try? Contact your hair salon in Palatine, IL to reshape your hair for a trendy new look. The expert stylists at Claude Thomas Salon & Spa offer personalized service that leaves clients feeling pampered and beautiful. Reach us today at 847-705-5999 with any questions or to schedule an appointment for your next haircut in Palatine, IL.

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