Are you curious what fancy color trends have taken salons by storm this year? Do you want to choose a hair color in Palatine, IL that is topping the popularity charts? From complex shades to hair extensions in Palatine, IL, we have all the top styles for you. Use the top trends list below to find the perfect look for your hair.

Sunset Hair

Would you like your locks to shimmer like a beautiful sunset? This style blends red, orange and deep purple to recreate the colors of a sunset. This warm and bold look can be achieved with hair painting and may require bleaching.

Oil Slick Hair

This is a great option for those with dark hair who want to pull off a rainbow-like style. To create this look, your hair salon in Palatine, IL will apply shades of yellow, blue, purple and green. The cool shades will be blended to resemble the colorful swirl of an oil slick.

Opal Hair

Would you like your hair to resemble a gorgeous gem? To create opal hair color in Palatine, IL, the colorist will lighten your hair to a near-gray shade of pearl. This is followed by an application of pastel shades. The final look is a soft metallic finish that resembles an opal.

Mermaid Hair

If you have longer locks, you might consider this sea-inspired style. The look is a blend of vibrant colors such as cerulean, sea foam green and turquoise. Some add a bit of orchid or magenta as well. Hair painting is often used to achieve mermaid hair.

Under Lights

If you would like to showcase a bright, colorful head of locks but also need the option of wearing a more traditional style, under lights are your perfect solution. Your stylist will bleach and color the lower layers of your hair. To show off your colorful side, wear an updo or half-up do. To hide your wild side, simply let down your hair. With this style, you can add any color of the rainbow to your look without having to add hair extensions in Palatine, IL.

Rose Gold Hair

For those who wish to feel like a traditional fairy tale princess, rose gold hair could be ideal. Your hair is first lightened via painting or bleaching. Once it reaches a golden shade, the stylist applies a tinted gloss. This gives your hair a golden-copper or rose gold hue.

Dip Dye Hair

This style is exactly what the name implies. The tips of your hair look like they have been dipped in a color. The most popular choices for this style are bright colors that offer a sharp contrast to the rest of the hair. Hot pink tops the list!

Get Trendy

Are you ready to try a new look for your locks? Your hair salon in Palatine, IL is ready to shape, style and dye your hair to achieve the trendy look you want. Visit Claude Thomas Salon & Spa to find your perfect hair color in Palatine, IL.

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