They say the eyes are the window to the soul. That would make your eyelashes the shutters that can attract, invite, allure or turn away attention! They can add appeal, draw attention to your eyes and transform your look. The secret is to choose the right eyelash extensions in Palatine, IL for the look you desire.

To create the style you want, you may need to also consider microblading your eyebrows in Palatine, IL. A consultation with your salon will help you select the best solution for your eyelashes and the overall look you want to achieve. To get started, use the following guide to eyelash extensions in Palatine, IL.


If you decide to add eyelash extensions in Palatine, IL, you must choose which type to apply. Eyelash extensions are available in synthetic, silk and mink. Mink feels softer and looks more natural, but it is typically more expensive. Some synthetics offer a look and feel similar to mink and are very customizable.


To create your new look, you’ll also need to review your density options. How many lashes do you want? The more lashes, the fuller the look. Denser options may require touching up with fill-ins over time.


How curly do you want your eyelash extensions in Palatine, IL to be? Do you want a dramatic look? If so, you’ll want a fairly steep curl. For a subtler appearance, choose less curl.


What is your preference for length? Typical sizes range from 6mm to 17mm. If you choose microblading for your eyebrows, this might affect the eyelash length you select. Discuss your wants and needs with your salon to determine what length is best for your desired style. Keep in mind, the longer the lashes, the more you’ll probably need.


Before you get eyelash extensions in Palatine, IL, it’s important to understand what maintenance will be required to keep up your new look. You’ll need to gently brush your extensions with a clean mascara want when you wake, after you shower and before bed. They should also be washed with a diluted baby shampoo each night. It’s also important to try not to rub or pick at them.

As mentioned, you may need to visit your salon every few weeks to touch up your eyelash extensions. The good news is, your eyelash extensions will make mascara and eyeliner unnecessary, so you can skip this part of your daily beauty maintenance.

Enhance Your Eyes

Are you ready to enhance your eyes with eyelash extensions in Palatine, IL? The extension experts at Claude Thomas Salon & Spa are ready to assist you. Since 1995, Claude Thomas Salon & Spa has been serving the community of Palatine and beyond.

As a locally-owned and -operated salon, we provide a personalized customer service experience that leaves all our clients feeling pampered and beautiful. Our knowledgeable staff will work you ensure you receive the quality lashes you deserve. Reach our team today at 847-705-5999.

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