Hair trends are constantly changing and evolving, largely based on what celebrities and other fashion influencers do with their own hairstyles. Coloring in general will always be “in,” but the various trends within hair coloring change just as frequently as the trends for hair styles and lengths.

One of the latest trends for hair color in Palatine, IL is “baby lights.” Baby lights have taken the hair industry by storm, and seem to have some staying power that isn’t often seen with other hair coloring trends.

Here’s a quick overview of this latest hairstyle trend from a hair salon in Palatine, IL.

What are baby lights?

The term “baby lights” is essentially a shortened version of “baby highlights.” It refers to a specific type of highlighting technique (see also: ombre, somber and balayage), but has some significant differences from these other types of techniques.

Rather than being very obvious or “in your face,” baby lights are exemplified by their subtlety. They are very delicate types of highlights created with a very fine hair coloring technique. The purpose is to mimic the subtle, dimensional hairstyle often seen in children’s hair and natural hair. Using this technique, stylists can create hair colors that appear fresh and natural, but still have subtle highlights in them that really make the hair “pop.” When done correctly, it’s a beautiful style that can be used for anyone transitioning back to their natural color or wishing to give an extra bit of highlight to their existing natural color.

How are baby lights applied?

The application process for baby lights is actually quite similar to regular highlights. The main difference is in the amount of hair in each foil and the amount of separation between them. With baby lights, you’ll use only a small amount of hair and create small separations between each foil so the highlights more naturally blend in with the hair’s base color.

Benefits of baby lights

Perhaps the biggest benefit of baby lights is that they are extremely low maintenance. Similar to the ombre hair color trend of the past, baby lights look great without requiring much work after treatment. Because the highlights are so subtle, the style will continue to soften as the hair grows out, meaning you don’t have to worry about any obvious, heavy demarcation lines.

Baby lights can also be applied to any type or color of hair. The process can be completed in any type of shade, allowing stylists to match skin tones of all colors.

While the style can take a bit more time to apply than traditional highlights, the results are certainly worth it—they produce a more natural appearance that requires less maintenance and will continue to stay beautiful as your hair grows out in between appointments.

At Claude Thomas Salon & Spa, we specialize in providing a wide range of hair coloring and styling options for our clients. For more information about the baby lights trend and the wide variety of other hair styling and coloring trends, contact our hair salon in Palatine, IL today.

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