Going to a professional to have your hair colored seems like a simple process, but there’s research to do and questions to ask ahead of time. These steps can help you find the right hair stylist for you, as well as clear up any confusion prior to your appointment time. And pro hair stylists get it—they understand your concerns about how the color will look on your head. Here are some important questions to ask your hair salon in Palatine, IL before coloring your hair.

How will this color look on me?

So, you took a snapshot from a social media page of a model sporting an awesome hair color, and you can’t wait to dye yours the same. Before you do anything, there are a few factors to consider to determine whether a hair color is right for you. Your hair stylist will tell you that your skin tone and eye color play big roles in finding a hair color that works. For example, golden highlights and richer browns look beautiful paired with warmer skin tones, while paler blonde and lighter silver-colored hair pops on people with more pinkish complexions.

The above colors are just a few examples, so don’t rule out a color you want to try until you run it by your stylist. He or she can help you select the best shades for you from your desired color range.

Can the coloring process irritate my skin?

A lot of hair dyes have chemicals as ingredients. As such, there is always a chance you could experience some minor to severe skin irritation after getting your hair colored. Keeping in mind that everyone’s skin reacts differently to a variety of products, it’s worthwhile to ask your stylist if the particular color product being used on you has caused irritation in many of their clients. Additionally, let your stylist know beforehand if you have a skin condition or sensitivity to certain chemicals.

How long will my hair coloring appointment take?

You might want to find out how long your stylist expects the coloring process to take—especially if you have other things planned for the day. The truth is that different hair coloring services take different lengths of time to complete, and factors that determine this include how long you want the look to last and whether you are getting a highlighting or low-lighting service. One service could take 20 minutes, while another may require an hour or even four. No matter the type of hair coloring service you want, make sure to ask about the approximate timeframe when booking your appointment.

Will it be a lot of work to maintain my new hair color?

Maintaining colored hair requires more upkeep than natural hair does. If you are not willing to do the work to keep your new color or hair trend looking great, then ask your stylist about other color processes or trends that require less attention.

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