If you are NOT happy where you are at now, and you feel you can do better and would like to work at a great place and in turn be a much happier person….please keep reading.

Take a few minutes of your time to read this report…and it could save you from making a bad choice, and months or even years of unnecessary aggravation, struggles, and suffering.

Once you are done reading this report you will then have the tools and strategies you need to “get the right job for you”, and ultimately be a much happier person.

Are You Currently Experiencing Any Of The Following?

Unmotivated at your current job?
Not Happy With The Amount Of Money You Are Making?
Frustrated at NOT having A Steady Flow Of new clients?
Your Current Boss Just Doesn’t “GET IT”!
Or Do You Just Need Or Want A Change?
Or, Are You Just Getting Started in the beauty industry?
If you answered yes to one or more (maybe even all) of these questions then this report is just for you.


If you’re already in a job, and looking to move, you’ll want to know that your job search isn’t going to get back to your current employer – or anybody else.

(This should be done over the phone or through email)…If you don’t get a satisfactory answer to this question, DO NOT DO THE LIVE INTERVIEW!!

Ask…“How do I know that my inquiry with you will be kept confidential?”

You should get a similar answer to this one that we give at Claude Thomas Salon and Spa:

“We have a strict, set-in-stone privacy policy, which means that you are completely protected. NOBODY, even our own staff, will know that you are interested in working with us, until and if you decide it’s for you”.

If you don’t, stop comunication, do not give out your complete contact information.

The Interview – Your Questions…

Often the interviewer’s last question is “do you have any questions for me”? If he/she doesn’t ask this question, it’s probably an indication that it’s “all about them” and probably wouldn’t be the kind of place where you would want to work. After all, this is about YOU finding the best job that is going to make YOU happy!

Here are some sample questions you should ask a potential employer and the answers. I answered these questions the way I would during the interview, you should expect quality answers like these before considering employment.

(Q) What sort of future do I have at your salon or spa?

(A) Most owners of salons and spas haven’t thought further than ‘quick, we’ve gotta get somebody in NOW….help!” But that’s hardly planning for the future. And if you’re a stylist of any ambition, you’ll want to know more than just your starting salary and hours of work. That might be okay for the first week, maybe two, but sooner rather than later you’ll be wondering, ‘where am I going in this job?’

(A) Here at Claude Thomas Salon, we believe in giving every opportunity that is available to the growth of each individual staff member. We provide you with ongoing education and the potential for quick accessibility to reach stylist position by the individual natural talent, quickness to learn and rewards for taking the extra effort and the motivation on the assistance part.

(Q) “Will I get the chance to specialize if I want to?”

(A) At Claude Thomas salon, we pride ourselves on our dedication to helping ‘our’ staff achieve their hopes and dreams in their careers. We have a very detailed induction process during which we get as much information as possible from you, on where you are now, where you want to be, and what your ultimate goals are. If you want to specialize, we’ll help you do it, including but not limited to helping you attend special training courses.

(Q) “What kind of benefits are there? Do I get to attend Expos, professional days, product knowledge seminars?”

(A) At Claude Thomas Salon and Spa we are constantly putting our staff through intensive personal and professional development programs.

(Q)”How flexible are you with working times – if I wanted to work a couple of evenings in exchange for a day off, or swap my shifts with another staff member, would that be okay?”

(A) At Claude Thomas Salon and Spa, we are flexible about working hours. As long as the request is reasonable, and all your work is up to standard, we believe in treating our staff with the respect you deserve.

Call 847-705-5999 now if you have any more questions about this issue. Just ask for Claudia and leave your first name, and contact number only. I will call you back and remember it’s strictly confidential.

The Interview – Their Questions To You…

Be enthusiastic and confident when responding to questions. Don’t rush your answers, but don’t ramble on and on, either. A good technique is to write out your answers to the questions you anticipate, and then edit them to make them more concise. Then practice your polished answers out loud, over and over.
If you can have someone help you do a “mock interview,” that would be the best way to do this.

Most questions will relate either to your ability to do the job or to the type of employee you will be. Here’s some that are very commonly used to help the interviewer (your future boss) learn about you.

Be ready and anticipate likely questions;
Develop excellent answers;

(Q) “Tell me a little about yourself.”
When responding to this request, you should focus on both your personal and professional values. Always be honest, but talk about your best traits only, especially those that relate to the position for which you are applying…
Consider this your own personal commercial. If the interview consisted of only this ONE chance to sell yourself, what would you say?

(Q) “What is your greatest strength?”
This is a great chance to highlight your best skills. Don’t pick just one, focus on your top three or four. Some examples are: color and hi-lighting, hair cutting and styling, organizational skills and working as team member.

(Q) “What is your greatest weakness?”
State a true weakness, but then emphasize what you’ve done to overcome it. Example: I used to be hesitant to recommend hi-lighting to my client, because I lacked confidence. But I have been focusing my education on this for the past year, and I’m much more comfortable and confident.

(Q) “Why do you want this position?”
Be carefully not to expose or be too harsh on your former employer. Simply be honest and leave out the gritty details.

(Q) “Why are you the best person for this job?”
As with all other questions, be confident and enthusiastic when you answer this. Don’t try to say you are the best qualified person, because you don’t know the qualifications of the other applicants. Instead, emphasize several reasons why you should be hired. For example:

“I’ve got extensive experience in beauty industry and have the specific skills you are looking for. I’m a fast learner who adapts quickly to change and will hit the ground running. I’m dedicated and enthusiastic about helping your companies meet its goals, and will provide top-quality results with minimal oversight. I’m an outstanding performer who takes pride in my work. You won’t have any regrets when you hire me.”

Call 847-705-5999 now if you have any more questions about this issue. Just ask for Claudia and leave your first name, and contact number only. I will call you back and remember it’s strictly confidential.

The Interview – Compensation…

Money is important to everybody, and there should be no muddy areas. It should be absolutely clear right from the very start. But standard or base rates of pay don’t mean much. What you should be asking is

(Q) “What’s the base rate of pay? What kind of incentive plan do you have? Is there a limit on how much I can earn?”
Nobody likes to feel they’re stuck in a job, like a mouse in a treadmill, with no hope of ever earning above a certain amount. If your prospective boss says “yes, we have an incentive plan, and we’ll discuss that if you join us,” press for more detail. (Many salons simply don’t have a defined incentive plan, and ‘wing it’ as they go.)


At Claude Thomas Salon and Spa our incentive plan is generous and well-defined. For example, if your total sales – treatments and products – total above 10%, you’ll receive 10% of those extra sales and we pay.

Call 847-705-5999 now if you have any more questions about this issue. Just ask for Claudia and leave your first name, and contact number only. I will call you back and remember it’s strictly confidential.

In closing…Now you have the tools and knowledge you need to find the right job for YOU, go forward with confidence.

I would love the opportunity to talk with you further regarding employment in my own Salon. Call me at (847) 705-5999, or email at and we can chat, and I’ll answer any questions you have regarding employment or anything else that might be on your mind.

Best Regards,

Claudia Tapp

Claude Thomas Salon and Spa
33 E Northwest hwy
Palatine il 60067
(847) 705-5999

P.S. Remember, all inquiries are strictly confidential.

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