• Beauty Secret #1
    Protect your hair, as well as your skin, from the sun. Use sunscreen on your scalp at the part. Lip balm with sun block will work.
  • Beauty Secret #2
    Don’t try to style hair soaking wet, get it 80% dry first.
  • Beauty Secret #3
    To prevent wrinkles and sagging always apply creams with firm upward strokes. And don’t forget to protect your neck too, it’s the first part to show signs of aging and yet the most neglected.
  • Beauty Secret #4
    Eyebrows look best when filled in with a soft pencil or powder. Go to a professional for your first plucking. Best to stay with a professional for consistent celebrity brows. A mistake can take months to grow out.
  • Beauty Secret #5
    The best bargain for your hair is a good cut. If possible, pay extra for a top-of-the-line stylist. More technically advanced haircuts will last longer, up to 8 weeks or more depending on the length.

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