1. No Recorded messages, You will speak with one our trained and professional receptionists who are informed and knowledgeable. You will speak with a friendly and caring person for all your appointment scheduling. All your questions will be, in most cases, immediately addressed, if all stylist and technicians are busy at the time you will be called back at our earliest convenience that DAY. The only time you will hear a machine is when it is after hours of the business.
  2. Consistency in our Pricing – No add-on cost to our services.
  3. We pride ourselves on our focus of COMMUNICATION. I have special education in my salon geared toward excellent communication skills. Without great listening skills and communication skills we would fall short in making you totally thrilled with Claude Thomas. I can tell you that we have consistent and thorough consultations.
  4. You can expect to get every time the BEST SERVICE ever – We accomplish this by excellent communication, the best and up to date training. coupled with a passion to make you happy, no ecstatic. . You are always treated like you are our only client.
  5. Highly Skilled, innovative & talented Professionals – There are no corners ever cut on my salons education. Education is costly but our clients deserve it. What this means to you, you will get the highest quality work performed on you. Because I put innovation and education first with our extensive training and education of techniques, products, and skills so you our client gets the best and superior services ever.
  6. We don’t keep our trick of the trade secrets from our clients – We promise to share our most guarded secrets with you when you become a client.
  7. We have more experience and have more expertise in every aspect of what the beauty industry has to offer. What we offer in services: Innovations in hair cutting, creative hair styling, expert hair coloring, thermal reconditioning, hair re-texturing, Brazilian treatments, perms, ALL METHODS OF HAIR EXTENSIONS, expertise in hair loss solutions, trichologist credentials, custom wigs and custom hair pieces, eyelash perming, eyelash tinting, EYELASH EXTENSIONS, facial and body waxing, Celebrity eyebrow shaping, custom and corrective facials, body wraps, slenderizing body wraps, Microdermabrasion, glycolic peels, pulse light therapy, electro-firm, Micro-current treatments, enzyme eye therapy, Non-surgical facelift, Medi-lift, 24 Karat Gold facial, oxygen treatments, VascuTouch, Light therapy, Anti-aging treatments, skin rejuvenation therapies, Air brush makeup and a Med spa with a plastic surgeon (DR. James McAdoo) on premises, all under a beautifully designed salon with a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere designed explicitly for your convenience and comfort.
  8. You Will Never have to experience That “In-Between Look” ever again –We have the expertise to develop the right hair color and hair coloring technique to create the right regime to meet your specific needs for care and maintenance. Also, we have thet expertise to develop the right haircut and styling to accommodate your needs and time frames.
  9. 100% NO_RISK Money Back Guarantee – My team of experts stand behind our work. I will put my money where my mouth is. Complete client satisfaction is our goal. We want you as our life long client. If you are not delighted with our service we will re-do it for free. I will bend over backwards to make you happy If after that you are not completely happy, I will give you your money back. No hard feeling, just good will.
  10. Consistent and equal expertise in all our stylists and estheticians…No Independent contractors. What this means to you is….Equal, consistent and continuing education and training of all our stylists and estheticians. Total and complete control of my staff’s level of expertise. Under the owner, Claudia Tapp’s. tutelage, training and controlled curriculum, the high standard set by Claudia is assured to be the highest standards in the beauty industry. Under independent or booth rentals, this is not really possible, as there is no controlled standard set for the salon or spa.
  11. Oh, my goodness, I all most forgot. Did I tell you we have free Cappuccino? We don’t just have the traditional coffee, but we have options of teas, various creamers, all types of sugar and sweeteners and of course our Cappuccino.
  12. Claude Thomas’s signature shampoos. All my assistants have been trained to shampoo with specific techniques that insures total relaxation and special massage techniques that make our shampoos a little slice of heaven.
  13. Awesome Color Bar. Custom build with the client in mind to create an exciting, relaxing, and a uniquely interesting experience for all our color and/or chemical services clients.
  14. Claude Thomas’s referral program for our clients. We have put in place a referral program that is easy and gives back great values to our client fan base. We make it easy to get great benefits for being a “Claude Thomas Fan Member”
  15. A Med Spa on premises. We have partnered with the renowned Dr. James McAdoo, A Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and have a Med Spa available for all our clients.
  16. We have the Claude Thomas Salon and Spa App for all mobile devices…just download for all updates and promotional values for our clients

When we say we’re the BEST in the Nation, we mean it!

Tour of the salon and spa

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