1. Uncertified and inexperienced hairstylists. Those thousands of hours spent in cosmetology school will not only pay off in the long run, but help to prevent a hair disaster.
  2. Mislabeled products. If the bottle of hair conditioner is actually filled with a chemical relaxer, then you’ll be in major trouble.
  3. Overloaded electrical outlets. This is unsafe, scary and potentially shocking.
  4. Broken chairs. Isn’t the whole point of settling into the stylist’s chair to actually “settle”?Comfort is a huge part of the salon experience.
  5. Leaky shampoo bowls. This is a slip-and-fall lawsuit waiting to happen, not to mention one of the reasons we sometimes end up with soaking shirts after getting shampooed.
  6. Floors covered in hair. We’re pretty sure that hairstylist and TV personality Tabatha Coffey would agree that there’s no excuse for a dirty salon. It only takes a few seconds to grab a broom and sweep.
  7. Dark and moldy bathrooms. We’ve come across some questionable salon bathrooms over the years, but an unkempt washroom is all it takes for us to grab our purse and go.
  8. Poor air quality. Strong nail fumes and nail dust on everything. Look for a salon that has good hair venting
  9. Shady sanitation. Improper removal or build-up of trash can lead to unwelcome visitors (read: rodents and roaches).

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