September 10, 2021

"First time at Claude Thomas, and coming back most definitely! Love everyone here, and for-sure the best salon atmosphere. As someone who hasn’t been able to find a salon I LOVE after 6 salons this is it! Highly recommend!"
August 24, 2021

"probably the most trustworthy salon for hair cut around here, she's really sweet and listens to what you really want. very professional and the charges are very fair! definitely coming back!"
March 9, 2021

"Jen is the best hairstylist in Chicago!"
February 22, 2021

"Expectacular service one and only thank you Claude and Jenny!!"
August 23, 2020

"Where do I even begin?! I am absolutely inlove with my hair now. I called them earlier in the week to see what their availability was and to discus with them the problems I was having. During the week they kept in touch with me, asking questions and getting pictures. You see I had a HUGE problem, I went to a different salon 3 weeks prior. A top notch highly rated and expensive salon to treat myself and they did such a bad job a blind person would've noticed! It was traumatizing to say the least. Jennifer was absolutely AMAZING. Like, she not only did what I wanted done to my hair which wasn't that hard to begin with, she had like a thousand corrections to make as she couldn't bleach over already bleached hair and there was this big thick red streak going around my head (mistake by other salon) she had to get out. It was a disaster. I honestly couldn't be more pleased. I love how my hair looks! The whole experience was amazing. From the research and time they took the days prior to make sure they could help, to the second I left they made me feel like a freaking celebrity. Claudia and Jennifer are so personable when I looked at the clock I couldn't believe I had been there for that long. Great vibes! As for Covid-19 I felt very safe. My temperature was taken upon arrival and they asked I use hand sanitizer before even coming back everyone had on masks and I had the place to myself practically, until it was time to leave and the next clients came in. With everything that Jennifer had to fix and all the extra time spent on detail this should've cost way more than the $300 that the other salon cost (Andreas Hogue) but it was 2/3 that! Like I said I couldn't be happier and found my new forever salon, I wish I had found this place sooner!"